Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Same Sex Wedding Ruling Due Today

We await.  We await with nervous trepidation for the United States Supreme Court ruling on same sex marriage, otherwise known as marriage equality. Will the Supreme Court do the right thing and strike down DOMA?  Will the Supreme Court strike down California's Proposition 8 in which California voters decided that same sex marriages were illegal?  I don't know.  I know what my "gut" feeling is but I won't say because I'm superstitious.  I am hoping the Supreme Court does the right thing and recognizes that same sex couples are entitled to the same rights, respect and benefits that heterosexual couples have taken for granted for hundreds of years.  

I'm not big on attending weddings.  The very first wedding I was invited to was my best friend Larry's wedding to his sweetheart Lois.  That was to take place in September of 1962.  Unfortunately I couldn't make it to the wedding because I had to attend the funeral of my much loved Uncle John Tipton, who died accidentally.

Larry and Lois at their wedding - 1922

The second wedding I was invited to was my younger brother John's wedding.

Marriage of John and Barbara Tipton - 1963

That's me, standing to the far right (with my eyes closed of course) next to my other younger brother Isaac.  By the way, this picture proves that I am the shortest of the three Tipton brothers even though I am the oldest.  Each Tipton boy came out bigger, that's my our Mother stopped having babies.  But I digress.  My brother Isaac was best man as his brother John's wedding. I was  the Other Brother at this wedding.

One wedding that I didn't attend but that a member had a big influence on my life was the wedding of the man I had my first intimate relationship with.  His name was Bob S. (no last names out of respect for his family, whose wife is still alive and children know who I am because of a previous blog posting in which I mentioned his whole name).

Yes, he was that good-looking.  We had a several month affair until I broke it off because I didn't want to be a "mistress" to a man with three young children.  Bob was my first love. Later his wife wrote a book about her failed marriage. I was referred to in her book, as one of the "other men" he was seeing.  I found out later that Bob had married again and fathered two more children.  Prior to his first marriage he had two children out of wedlock.  This was the man who "introduced" me to same sex relationships.  Ironic don't you think?

I've been invited to weddings over the years.  I turn them down, probably because it was only a reminder that this was something that I could never participate in.  I didn't need that reminder that I wasn't "good enough" to have an official marriage to the man I love and have lived with for the past 49 (this July 3rd) years.  

Bill, me and my brother John at our new house in Delaware 2006.

Maybe today the Supreme Court will rule that Bill and I and all other same sex couples are entitled to the same respect and legal protections that straight couples have enjoyed since millennia.  Maybe.  One can only hope.



Anonymous said...

Today is a great day for equality! As an added bonus, my son-in-law says the demise of DOMA will make their tax prep easier.

Best wishes on your upcoming marriage to Bill!

Judy in NY

P.S. I love Lois's wedding dress.

Ron said...

Thank you Judy! This feels good!


Larry Meredith said...


Okay I was married in September 1961, not 1962 and for gosh sake, certainly not 1922!


anne marie in philly said...

oh my, the old fashioned wedding dresses!

next week you and bill can get your license - FINALLY! IT'S REALLY HAPPENING!