Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday Morning Coffee

Some may wonder how I come up with the subject matter for my almost daily blog. I say to them, EVERY DAY LIVING!

For instance, today's blog features me (who else?) at Zorba's Restaurant in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Once a week Bill and I go out for breakfast at Zorba's, a hole in the wall restaurant just outside of downtown Rehoboth Beach. This morning, while waiting for our friend Bob, I asked Bill to take a video of me (who else?) having a cup of coffee. I don't know about you, but I find this video fascinating. Perhaps because it is ABOUT ME!

I’ve often thought if I had a digital camera and this cool little Flip video camcorder, how many pictures and videos would I have of my everyday living? Perhaps it is just as well I discovered these wonderful technological marvels late in my life. I doubt if I would have a computer hard drive big enough to hold all of those files.

One thing that does give me comfort though is the fact that perhaps, sometime in the future our descendants will look at these picture and videos and wonder how we could live in such “primitive” conditions.

These moments of life that I have recorded are a small legacy I’m leaving behind before I blast off into the Great Void of the universe. If nothing else, short videos like this offer a clue to my personality more than any picture could. This is a lot more than I have of my ancestors.

I’ve often wished I could go back in time and visit my ancestors and to know what they were like. All I have are frozen images in photographs and names and dates. Occasionally there is something in writing about the person in our past. But unless we have known them personally, all we’re left with is that stoic, two dimensional pictures.

This morning, with this short video, I have left a three dimensional portrait of myself. My legacy.

ALERT!  I tried to upload the video to my blog posting but, unfortunately, with the latest so call upgrade to my Blogger I can no longer upload videos OR spell check.  You tell me, where's the upgrade? 

So, if anyone wants to see my video, you will have to go to my Facebook account.  I'll post some still shots from the video to this posting.  Frustrating to say the least.


Nitewrit said...


Oh, it isn't just me then. I took a video back during the last big snow and was going to post it on my Blog.I couldn't get it to upload. I couldn't figure out why because I have uploaded videos to my Blog in the past, but not in quite a while.

So you can't either.


Ron Tipton said...


No, it's not you. I thought it was me too until I went into the public forum and asked the question about the absence of spell check and uploading videos. You can do those two things if you go back to the previous editor. Someone sent me a message back telling me how to do that (at the end of the page the option is there) but I decided to stay with the newer version of Blogger. I don't upload that many videos to my blog anyway so it's just as well. I can upload the video to my FB account much faster and more people that I know can see me and my little adventures.