Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Here We Go Again

It's not over. While still recovering from the Blizzard of 2010, more snow is expected today. I awoke this morning to the rain softly pelting my bedroom window.

I look outside and see the kind of gray sky that precedes a snowstorm.

After my morning bowl of Corn Chex and banana, I go out to my driveway to shovel off the slight coating of slushy snow. Two minutes later the rain starts fall heavily. Out of the corner of my eye I see a gray figure. It is my neighbor walking his miniature Yorky. He's cursing under his breath and urging his dog to do her business they he hurries inside to the warmth and comfort of his house.

I was getting soaked so I returned to the warmth and comfort of my house. I hang up my wet jacket and change out of my wet jeans. Bill asks me "What are you doing outside?" Good question, just what am I doing outside?

While at my computer checking my e-mails, I get a phone call from my brother John in Greenville, South Carolina. He called to tell me how blinding the morning sun was at his house this morning. Some good brotherly love teasing to start the day. He tells me he called our other brother (Isaac) who lives in Pennsylvania. They're expecting another nine inches of the white stuff today. He says they're near to setting a new record for the total snowfall of the season. Oh how glad I am I don't live in Pennsylvania. I can't tell you.

John assures me that snow is headed my way too, even though I have rain now. And I fear he is correct. As I type this blog posting, the winds are kicking up outside the dual windows of my bedroom converted to a home office. I peer out the door and it looks like the dreaded "wintery mix." Some snow, some rain and some sleet. This is the kind of condition that brings down the power lines.

We dodged a power outage the last time. For that I am very thankful. Many of my friends and acquaintances were not so lucky. In fact, many of them are still without power. Some left for Florida (yesterday) and others are staying with people who have power and took them in.

Outside it is snowing again. Pretty snow. I hope our luck continues and we don't lose power.


  1. Ron,

    It sure is purty! But it is a heavy snow that clings to everything which is why. It is about 10 to one now. I was out about an hour ago and shoved another three inches off the drive where i shovelled off about 7 inches earlier this morning, so I guess we've had 9 or 10 inches to this point. Complete ban on driving now in Delaware. they have closed at three major roads up in Pennsylvania. They have just said the blizzard part is moving in. I can see the trees begin to sway some out the window now. Well, always wondered what it would be liketo live in Maine.

    Guess I'll unbury the bird feeder again and give them some more seed.


  2. Lar,
    The wind is still howling outside and the snow still coming down but not as heavy.
    I saw a bird earlier hunkering down in one of my holly bushes. I wish I could take something to the poor thing.

  3. Ron,

    yeah, poor birds. I;ve put food out for them several times and there has been a lot around. Don't think some of their usual feeding spots are available. Also have food out front and back for some of the local cats and critters.

    Let's see what tomorrow looks like and if we can get out of here.


  4. Lar,

    The outside critters really suffer in weather like this. I wish I could do more for them.


  5. Ron,

    Most of the time they do okay. They hunker down, but this is an unusual circumstance and that's a lot of snow that isn't going awayt quick. We try to do a little to help them through.


  6. They appreciate it Lar.


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