Monday, February 01, 2010

A Night Out on the Town

We braved the after effects of the Saturday night winter snow storm and ventured into downtown Rehoboth Beach for a festive night on the town.

My friend Bob C. and I were going to see the first performance of the Camp Rehoboth Chorus. But first we met our friends Jack and Paul for dinner at The Feathered One, also known as The Purple Parrot.

For several months last year we had a semi-routine of meeting friends on Sunday night at the Parrot for dinner. This was before the Tourist Hordes descending on Rehoboth during the summer. We locals don't even attempt to go into town during the season. But the off season? It's wonderful.

We missed our friends Wayne and Harvey last night. Wayne was working and Harvey moved to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. No more cold weather for Harvey.

After a delightful and festive dinner (and after Paul had to have the waiter back out his $9.00 Happy Hour price for a table wine) we were off to the Rehoboth Theater of the Arts for the inaugural performance of the Camp Rehoboth Chorus.

We carefully made our way down Rehoboth Avenue and over to Baltimore Avenue on the mostly snow covered sidewalks to the former church that is now the Rehoboth Beach Theater of the Arts.

Upon entering the building we could see that the Camp Rehoboth Chorus would he well attended. Our friends Big Bob and Jim were in the chorus. I came to see them and take a video with my Flip video (my newest toy.)

The concert was a grand success! Smiles abounded in the audience. Much credit goes to the organizer Fay Jacobs. It was so good to see a broad smile on her face during the whole performance.

If I had any complaint at all, it was that the seats (folding chairs) were very uncomfortable. The chairs were placed too close together. Many of the folks in the audience are large which isn't conducive to this airline type of seating. My back was killing me after the second song.

During intermission I moved the seats to the right and left of me but it was noticed immediately by my friend Bob C. when he returned. Robbing Peter to pay Paul.

I'm looking forward to the next concert but I hope they do something about the seating arrangement. At least the seats were padded.

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