Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Little Night Snow

I awoke this morning to a light covering of snow on the ground.

Usually the first thing in the morning when I wake up I pull the sheer curtain back from one of my bedroom windows and see what the weather is like outside. This morning it was all white again.

Late yesterday afternoon we had a light rain which melted enough of the snow that was left over from our previous two back to back blizzards to show some of the green grass of my back yard.

We still have snow banks lining the driveways in of my development and the roads outside my development. Those snow banks will be around until March, just like they used to at my home in Pennsylvania. When I moved to Delaware I thought I moved away from all that. The blizzards of the past two weeks were a rude reminder that I didn't move far enough south. Still, I love living in southern Delaware.

Next week I'm going to the Philadelphia Flower Show with a friend. We're taking a senior citizen sponsored trip called Adult Plus+. That's it, I'm officially an Oldie.

I remember all those years that I used to live and work in Philadelphia and all the excitement about the flower show. The flower show was a wonderful reminder that spring was on its way. Ironically, I never attended the Philadelphia Flower Show when I lived in Philadelphia.

This is my second visit to the flower show since I moved to Delaware in November 2006. I also take the opportunity to visit a longtime friend who still lives in Philadelphia. We'll have lunch again at Woody's, a longtime gay bar and restaurant on 12th Street in center city Philadelphia.

I love this time of my life. I treasure each day that I have good health and good friends. I love living in southern Delaware but I do like to visit old friends from my Previous Life.

I am very fortunate and I know it. My life could go away tomorrow in a flash.  I know that too.  That is why I treasure and appreciate each day of my life.  I take nothing for granted.


  1. So when are you going to build a snowman? If you leave it much longer, you'll miss your chance and regret it...

  2. Good grief Ron, what's with all this snow? I bet you are a little tired of it. A man can only make so many snow angels. WARM HUGS, Mike and Glenn

  3. Mike,



  4. Kim,

    A snow man? Uh huh. I thought of it, maybe for about five seconds. I am SO TIRED of all this snow. It is snowing now. Now, if I lived in a beautiful landscape like your Scottish highlands I would take a load of ethereal, beautiful pictures. However, since I live in the coastal flatland I'll wait until the snow melts. There are just so many pictures that one can take that are white on white.



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