Friday, February 26, 2010

More Snow!

More Snow!

Yes, more snow. Can you believe it? Can I believe it? I am so over all this snow.

The good news is that even though the winds are blowing like a blizzard (up to 50 mph), the snow is light. Unlike the back to back blizzards we had a couple of weeks ago, this snow is more like our usual snow down here on the southern Delmarva peninsula which just a dusting. At the most an inch or two that is gone the next day.

I’ve already made my “milk and bread” run earlier this week so I have nowhere to go today. No need to panic. I do have a slight concern about the power going out because of the high winds but so far I’ve been lucky this winter and having lost power once. Now that I said that watch me lose power.

Next week I began working my regular schedule at the hotel in Lewes. I’ll work Mondays and Thursdays, the 2nd shift (3 pm to 11 pm.) I’m refreshed and ready to go back to work after two months off from work. I’m looking forward to seeing my friends at work and meeting old and new guests to the hotel. I am so ready for winter to end and the new season to begin.

Next Tuesday a friend and I are taking a senior citizen (that’s right, I am a senior citizen now, no getting around that) bus to the Philadelphia Flower Show. I’m looking forward to that trip. We go up on a big, comfortable bus with huge windows. I used to live and work in center city Philadelphia many years. I have many fond memories of my years in Philadelphia. I like to go back occasionally and renew those old memories. The flower show is secondary to the visit to Philadelphia. I’m also going to have lunch with a longtime friend and former co-worker at one of our old gay hangouts, Woody’s. I am very much looking forward to that reunion.

But for today, I’m just hanging out here at the home base. I’ll do some more organizing of my digital photos. Maybe I’ll catch up on my e-mail, which I seem to be perpetually behind. Of course, after lunch I’ll take my daily nap. Then it will be time for my afternoon shows and another Netflix movie tonight. Last night I saw “Michael Clayton.” Oh how I like a good movie and “Michael Clayton” was good. On tap tonight is “The Brave One” with Jodie Foster.

I’ve got my milk and I’ve got my bread. I’m ready to hunker out yet another snowstorm. Bring it on!


  1. Anonymous10:52 AM

    Hi Ron,

    I was expecting a little more snow than we got yesterday, but I'm not complaining. My granddaughter was here with me as they cancelled school. I know they felt like a fool but it's better to be safe than sorry. I'm not sure what today will bring but I hope it's next to nothing. I have to take my son to the dr. as he & his daughter were hit by a drunk driver last weekend & I've been helping them as they have injuries.

    I don't envy my husband as he is in Syracuse, NY attending an ag show & as of last night had 18 inches of new snow. He'll be home tomorrow & can't wait.

    Don't you just love the Philadelphia Flower Show?!!? We went a few years ago & I was just blown away. Never in my imagination did I think it would be that grand. We hope to go again soon. Have a great time!!

    Thanks for the eggplant recipe I can't wait to try it.

    Take care!


  2. Fran,

    Good to hear from you again! Yes, I'm glad we dodged a bullet on this snow storm. Now this is more like it, a light dusting. Just enough to enjoy the snow then it goes away.

    My cousin used to live in New Hampshire. He and his wife never got used to the snow. They live in Florida now (as he often fondly reminds me everytime it snows up here.)

    I hope you husband doesn't have any problems with the snow. It can be dangerous.

    I am so looking forward to spring. The Philadelphia Flower Show is a great preview of what's coming isn't it? I love it!


  3. I'm getting snow blindness looking at your blog. I bet I know where the 2018 Winter Olympics will be.

  4. Mike,
    That's what I thought this morning with this new snow covering (and blinding whiteness), they should have held the Winter Olympics in southern Delaware. We sure have had more snow than Vancouver Canada!



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