Thursday, February 11, 2010

Another Day After

This morning Whitehall Drive is living up to its name again…’s white.

Yesterday we had our fifth snow storm of the season. The last two snowstorms were blizzards. Snowstorms like this are very unusual for this area of southern Delaware.

Bill loves the snow. In the three years since we moved to southern Delaware that has been his number one complain. He missed the snow. Well, he got his wish. I have to admit it is beautiful.

This morning he was watching the loose snow blowing over the snowdrifts that formed overnight. A smile crossed his face. I’m glad he’s happy. He may never see snow like this again during his lifetime.

Now we wait to get plowed out again. I think we had about 2 inches of snow last night. There was a lot of furious wind but not that much snow which is fine with me. Again, I am so thankful our power did not go out.

I am looking forward to life getting back to normal. Enough with the snow storms already.

Underneath all that snow are spring time bulbs eager to burst through the cold earth and display their brilliant colors. Can’t come soon enough.


  1. Ron,

    Sun is out, but it is still cold. The state of emergency hasn't been lifted. Our street is plowed, but is narrow. I shoveled again. We got 12.8 inches officially. I see where my parents live that they got 26 inches. I hope they didn't lose power. Not going to work todsy. Wonder about tomoorow. Darryl's place remains closed.

    I see there is more snow predicted for Sunday into Monday. Hoping it is nothing much. Not sure what nothing much is anymore.

    Girl named Sara came here Tuesday with Darryl. She's been trapped here ever since.


  2. Lar,

    Do you ever remember a series of snow storms like this? I don't.

    I am so glad my brothers and I decided to move our Mom to South Carolina for the winter. She would not have made it through the winter at her PA home. Yesterday John took her to the dermatologist. Today she's getting her blood done. She could't get that done if she was in PA.

    There are a lot of people who are trapped. Where is Sara sleeping?


  3. Ron,

    In Darryl's room.

    Yeah, I called my mom and dad on his cell phone this morning and they were okay. They got 26 inches up where they were.

    No I don't think we had such big snows back to back. I remember winters where we had snow on the ground all winter, but we had maybe one real big snow and then several small ones.

    They are having a big snow down in Dallas right now that may break their all-time one day record. it is going to move east acros Alabama.

    There is another one coming across country. I don't know what we're going to get this coming Sunday-Monday.

    Darryl just took Sara home, but car coming up just got stuck on our street. It's still pretty bad out, I hear.


  4. Lar,

    I am so sick of this snow. I just want like to go back to normal.

    When I lived in PA we usually had the one big snow that lasted all season. There were several other small ones but one big one every three years or so. Never like this, two in a row only separated by a couple of days. Especially down here. I hope this is the last one.



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