Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Smile From God

Do you see what I see in this picture? Look closely and you'll see a smiley face in the sky.

This is a good omen for the week coming up. Tomorrow I start back at my regular work schedule at the hotel. I'm looking forward to going back to work. There just so much sorting of digital pictures and naps that one can take.

Tuesday a friend and I are taking a Senior Citizen Bus to Philadelphia to see their annual flower show. I take this opportunity to have a reunion with an old friend and co-worker. It is also nice to go back to Philadelphia for a visit and see how things are now. From 1969 to 1981 I lived and worked in center city Philadelphia. Those were the Golden Years. When I moved in 1981 it was time.

Next week is also the beginning of March. Spring is definitely on its way. The two "lost months" of the year are always January and February. These are months I just get through each year. This year was particularly rough with two back to back blizzards and a few other "regular" snow storms.

The snow is almost all gone now. I can see the green of my lawn. The green shoots of daffodil bulbs have burst through the cold earth. In a few more weeks the gay colors of the crocus will make their first appearance. It's not long now until I start visiting the local greenhouses to buy my spring pansies to brighten up the walkway in front of our house.

Springtime…….. a smile from God.


  1. Ron,

    Did you take the picture? It looks photoshopped to me.

  2. Lar,

    No, I didn't photoshop the picture. I don't have Photoshop anyway. I got the picture from the Internet but I don't believe it is photoshopped. Take a close look, it is of three geese and their placement of wings.


  3. The human meets the favorable circumstances not to show off power, places the adverse circumstance not to show weakness.

  4. Ron,

    Oh, I know what it is. I just am suspecious of such "perfect" photographs. That's why I asked. If you had taken it I would have known it was ligit.

    I guess that is your translation of the Chinese comment.


  5. Lar,

    Yes, that is my translation of a Chinese comment that I recently received. I have received quite a few of them actually. I decided to post this one instead of rejecting it. None of them really make any sense to me.



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