Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ten Bad Things About Being Laid Off

As promised in my previous blog, listed below are the ten bad things about not working (in no particular order):

1) Decreased cash flow, i.e.; less money

2) No money

3) No pay

4) No income

5) No cash

Okay, the first five are the same. I made my point. Talk about beating a dead horse…………

6) No mental stimulation

7) No reason to get up in the morning

8) No one to bore with my stories (something us old folk tend to do)

9) Fall behind on workplace gossip

10) Gain weight because now food is my only solace, company and friend

Ironically, shortly after I posted my blog about ten good reasons for not working, manager called and asked if I would be able to work in April.

Would I? YES!


  1. Ron,

    Look as if both us are anxious for April to arrive.


  2. Lar,

    I'm enjoying my time off from work but it will be good to get back to work and have a balanced life,

    I could never not work, at least part-time.


  3. I was just about to say "hang in there", but it looks like things are looking better now. Besides, spring is near and things will get busy.

  4. Mike,

    I just got a call from work asking me if I could come in tomorrow. YES!

    I was supposed to go in last week but with back to back blizzards, I couldn't get out of my development.

    The snow is still hanging in five and six foot frozen piles along side of the road. It's been a rough winter.



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