Monday, February 08, 2010

Day Two After the Blizzard of 2010

Here we are, Day Two after the Blizzard of 2010. Like yesterday, this is another sunny day. However, still very, very cold.

Early this morning Bill and I took a walk to the end of Whitehall Drive, our exit out of our development. Up to Robinson Drive (halfway up) the only disturbance in the snow are footprints. We walked in those frozen footprints.

Up at Robinson Drive there were deep ruts in the frozen snow caused by SUV’s. While we were walking another SUV drove out.

I took as many pictures as I could before my fingers got so numb from the 19 degree temperatures that I couldn’t operate the camera.

At the end of the driveway we encountered a Verizon truck. The driver told us he was picking up his boss who lives in our development. We took not that he didn’t enter the development lest he also got stuck in the snow. A short while later his boss (and our neighbor) trudged out of his house and up Whitehall drive to meet his driver.

It was too cold to linger outside so I headed back. That’s when I discovered a near catastrophe. I couldn’t get the cover up on the garage door opener. It was frozen!

What was I going to do? I didn’t have a key to the house. I never carry one. I always go through the garage door. Bill was talking to our neighbor. I motioned to him to stopped talking and let me in the house so I could warm up my hands before I got frost bite.

He came and pried open the garage door cover. He entered the code. The battery was dead! Now I’m staring to panic. I had to get out of the cold. If I couldn’t into my house I would have to go to my neighbor’s house. That is an option I did not want to exercise. I like my neighbor and I’m sure they like me but I don’t want to impose upon them.

Thank goodness Bill had a key! He went in through the front door and opened the garage door from inside the house.

Once I got into the warmth of the house I called my friend Big Bob who lives in a doublewide on 22 wooded acres outside of Georgetown. I haven’t been able to contact him since Saturday.

He answered the phone! He told me his power came back on last night at 9 o’clock. Up until that time he and his partner Jim had no power, phone service or heat. His main concern when the snowstorm was forecast was that he would lose power and thus heat.

He said he thought they were going to die. They had a ton of blankets on them while they were without heat but the cold was slowly and relentlessly creeping into their bodies. He said he couldn’t fire up the furnace because the vent was blocked by the snow.

This past summer he replaced his gas fireplace with a wood burning stove at some expense. I asked him at that time why he put in a wood burnings stove. He said “to save on heating costs.” I mentioned to him before the snowstorm that he was lucky he put in the wood burning stove. He said it wouldn’t do him any good during this snow storm. I asked why. She said “Because I never got any wood ready for it.” I couldn’t believe my ears. He lives on 22 acres of wooded land and he has no wood ready for the fireplace?

I think after his experience this weekend he will be better prepared the next time.

I also learned a lesson. We have a back up generator. Luckily for us our power didn’t go out but if it did we would have had a problem. The generator is in the shed at the end of our property. There is a lot of snow on the ground between us and that generator in our shed. This summer we will hookup the generator in the garage. Lesson learned.

Now we’re waiting for the Big Event. We’re waiting for a snow plow.

Bulletin! I just had a call from my neighbor asking when we’re going to be plowed out. Apparently we are leaderless. We both sent an e-mail to the homeowner’s association board member responsible. Now we wait.

The development behind us is plowed out. Oyster Rocks Road is clear. Route 1 is clear. We’re stuck.


  1. Mike,

    IT IS COLD! 19 degrees this morning. My hand were NUMB. Thank God the wind wasn't blowing.


  2. Ron,

    Our development was plowed. The plows were running during the storm. I am a bit concerned about getting more snow. The Association coffers might be low on funds for the snow service.

    The roads around me weren't too bad, but narrower than normal, some four lanes are only two lanes. It is risky at intersections because the snow is piled so high you can't see down the crossroad.

    I went early to a mall this morning. Supermarket was completely out of milk, even chocolate milk. The hardware store was out of ice melt. I almost fell because the parking lot was a skating rink, especially with black ice.

    I went to the bank and almost fell again on blackice coming out.

    Stpped at another supermarket. Same thing, no milk of any kind. Stopped at another hardware store after work and no ice melt there either.

    I told them at work if we get this storm on Wqednesday I might not make it out of our development on Thursday.

    Your friend was like us in 1958 during the March blizzard. No power for three days. being in the country that meant no anything, heat, lights, running water (electric motor ran the pump). Couldn't flush the toilet. Not a pleasant experience.


  3. Lar,
    We finally got the roads in our development cleared late this afternoon. It was a real mess getting this done. I even cleaned out around my mailbox. I'm ready for some mail, including my Netflix movies.
    I have enough milk for a few more days but I don't know what is going to happen if we get socked again with another snowstorm.
    Friends of mine still have no power. Two of them are headed for Florida (not together.) My friend Wayne is staying with somebody who has power.
    This is a nightmare. Whoever said snow is fun is crazy.



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