Thursday, February 04, 2010

Every Day is an Adventure

What I woke up to this morning was no phone service. That meant no Internet service. Here we go again with Verizon.

I have lost track of the times I have had difficulty with my phone service, Internet service and cable TV since I move to good old Lower Slower. First it was with Comcast. Thank God I got rid of them. Comcast was ridiculously expensive and had a bad “We’re the only game in town” complex to boot.

So I went with Verizon. I won’t bore you with the difficulties I have had with Verizon but at least one thing I haven’t had to put up with is the arrogant attitude that I always got from the Comcast representatives.

I make the call to Verizon. I go through all the automated prompts and the warning (over and over again) that if the problem is in my house I will have to take out a second mortgage to pay for the repairs. Yeah, yeah, yeah. The problem ALWAYS is outside of my house. At least I got them to stop coming in my house and traipsing through my house with their dirty construction boots. It always seems to be raining or snowing outside when the repair people stop by the humble abode.

Since we couldn’t get on the Internet I decided to do my chores early in the morning, ending with a visit our old friend Big Bob to see how he was coping being alone.  His partner Jim is still in the hospital, being fitted with a pacemaker. His partner just had a hernia operation last week. Poor Jim, all the pills he ingests; all the egg beaters and vegetarian diet and he’s falling apart. Maybe he should take up the Mayonnaise Diet (a big dollop of mayonnaise in EVERYTHING) that my 81 year old partner Bill uses. Or, perhaps he could take up my Doritos Diet (two bowls a day) that I use. Jim is only six months older than I am but apparently something isn’t working. One would think Jim would have the answer since he is a nurse but then one would be wrong.

So we make the stop at Food Lion. I get some food (milk and bread!) before the next Winter Storm Watch hits us this Saturday. I bought my Powerball tickets. Then I stopped at the Post Office to mail more DVD’s that I made from VHS tapes of a family reunion back in 1997. Then we were off to Big Bob’s, riding through the white landscape that is now Sussex County, Delaware after successive snow storms (more on the way. Oh, I already said that.)

Entering Big Bob’s double wide the ammonia smell of a kitty litter box that is long overdue to be cleaned out assaulted my nostrils and brought tears to my eyes.

We visited awhile. Our friend is in the early stages of dementia and is getting increasingly more confused each day. He was in a quandary because he couldn’t figure out how to activate his security system in his double wide. Apparently his partner has been taking care of that ever since they got the security system this past summer.

While we were there his partner called from the hospital and asked him to look up a phone number on an old insurance bill. Bob couldn’t find it. I help him. I showed him the number. He couldn’t read it. I read it for him.

We left shortly after that. I’m in a quandary myself here. I don’t know what to do or if I can do anything to help my friend and I see him slip into the fog of dementia. My Mother is now living with my brother and his wife in South Carolina. She is also in the early stages of dementia. Both of her older sisters had dementia. One is still living. My Mother is becoming increasingly difficult to deal with. I don’t know what to do to help my brother and his wife. They tell me not to worry. They said they will always take care of Mom.

Yesterday I received and e-mail from my former boss and friend concerning another former co-worker and friend of ours from our banking days in Philadelphia. The e-mail contained an attachment which was an obituary. The obituary was of our former friend and co-worker, Anne Marie.

Last year Anne Marie sent me an e-mail telling me she had terminal breast cancer and was “overwhelmed.” Anne Marie was a very successful real estate agent (having won many awards which I could understand because she was a vibrant, intelligent and hard working woman.) She was happily married with two teenaged sons. We exchanged a few e-mails subsequent e-mails that summer. Then in the fall the e-mails stopped. Last week I thought of her and had a funny feeling. Her obituary said she died January 29, 2010. Anne Marie was only 58 years old. I do believe in ESP.  This is not the first time I've had this experience.

I don’t know where I’m going with this. I know this blog posting isn’t focused but all I’m doing is posting some of what happened the last two days of my life. Life is definitely an adventure. Always something.

What is the picture on this blog posting? That is what is left of the telephone connector box on Cave Neck Road after someone plowed into it early this morning. That’s what happened to my phone connection.

The phones are back up now. I’m on the Internet. Life goes on……until something else happens.

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