Friday, May 03, 2013

Traffic Jam

This is what it looked like yesterday at the turnoff on Rt. 1 trying to get into  our development

Bill and I came to a rare agreement today, we are not comfortable traveling in heavy traffic anymore.

Today we had to run several errands.  I'm not driving for a couple days because of my surgery yesterday (still woozy and fatigued).  Bill had to drive my car.  This is Friday and Friday living near a resort such as Rehoboth Beach is a nightmare.  We locals know to STAY OFF THE ROADS.  Alas, we didn't.  I was running around trying to get a prescription filled for a generic form of Rapaflo.  I wasn't keen on spending $484.19 for a 90 days supply of pills to "relax my prostate" which is inflamed after yesterday's assault surgery.  

First to the urologist's office to pick up my prescription.  Then to Walmart and the sticker shock moment.  Then to the Georgetown VA Outpatient Clinic to get a more reasonable price for a generic version of my prostate relaxer so I can stop peeing razor blades.  

All the while we're traveling on Route 1 which was undergoing some lane restrictions for some kind of road work.  DelDot likes to schedule their roadwork on Friday's, in the tourist season, especially when there are events going on in Rehoboth and Ocean City, Maryland.  Ah, the beginning of the season in Gayberry.  Always a delight.

So while we're traveling all around, missing near accidents right and left, we decided we're not going to travel in heavy traffic like this any more if we can help it, and we can.  For instance, the only place we're going tomorrow is the Food Lion in Milton, which is sans tourists.  Hell, they don't even know where Milton is unless they're a Dogfish beer aficionado.

A couple of years ago we decided not to travel at night anymore.  We just can't do it.  Everything is headlights.  I leave work after 11 pm at my hotel job but I travel a back road and there is very little traffic.  Step by step we're being "localized" in our activity.

Last week's road trip south we pushed our luck.  I don't think we'll do that again.

Actually, I'm quite happy staying her at Casa Tipton-Kelly.  Very happy as a matter of fact. Now if I can just stop peeing razor blades.


  1. dear dog, run for your lives - THE TOURISTAS ARE COMING!

    hope you are feeling better. rest and get well.

    1. Anne Marie,

      We love the tourists. That is our "business" down here in Slower Lower but man oh man, we have to stay out of their way.


  2. Replies
    1. Dr. Spo,

      That traffic jam outside our development is the first time that has ever happened since we lived here. Hopefully, that was just a very unusual occurrence. However, it did happen at 4:30 pm. Usually we're not out at that time with is rush hour around these parts.


  3. Randy in NEB3:06 AM

    Ron, It's too bad I don't live closer. I would gladly be your and Bill's chauffeur. Even on long trips like to NC and GA.I still like to drive, did a lot of it in the USAF. Randy.

    1. Randy,

      If you lived closer we would take you up on your offer to be our chauffeur for our long trips, seriously.


  4. Anonymous12:18 PM

    Glad to hear you are out and about. Not gald you had to deal with the traffic. I know from my days there
    in Ocean City and Rehoboth the seasonal traffic is bad Friday-Sunday at this time of year and once schools
    out Lookout ! Here in Florida it's just the reverse. We're almost seeing the last of the snowbirds now. By
    the first of June the last will be gone. This year it was the heaviest traffic has been for quite some time.
    My job inspecting foreclosed homes involves a lot of driving so when it's snowbird season and school
    season it makes travel slow for me. Summer and weekends now are the easiest to get around.
    Now that I'm 66 I find night driving a strain also. I try to avoid it. Once I'm home if I don't have "it"
    I don't go out. Whatever can wait.
    You mentioned you have a hotel desk job. Is that in Rehoboth? and you're in Milton? Did Hurricane
    Sandy do any damage around there?

    1. Stuart,

      Interesting, I know another "Stuart" in Florida. He is one of my old high school classmates. He lives in Ft. Lauderdale.

      Today was a little better after my surgery. Thankfully each day is getting better.

      When the season hits here in Rehoboth (which seems to be this weekend instead of Memorial Day weekend), I stay away from Rehoboth until a couple weeks after Labor Day. Occasionally I will venture down to the boardwalk very early Sunday morning before the visitors get up.

      I work at a small boutique hotel in Lewes, which is three miles north of Rehoboth. Lewes gets pretty busy in the summer also but not as crazy (well, maybe a little) as Rehoboth. I work during the week, avoiding the weekends whenever possible.

      Good to hear from another "Stuart" in Florida!



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