Thursday, January 04, 2018


A storm coming and I'm right in the track!

The snow is here!  

When I was a kid, I looked forward to snow storms because he got off from school. Well, those days are LONG gone folks. These days, I DO NOT look forward to snow storms.  In fact, I hate snow.  Not only for the inconvenience but because to me, at my advanced age (76) and advancing arthritis, I am in great danger of falling and seriously injuring myself. Three years ago I did just that, I fell leaving work at the hotel and tore my quadricep muscle in my left leg. To fix that fall, I had to have major surgery to tie that quadricep muscle back and twelve weeks for recuperation to grow the muscle tissue back.  My left still isn't right but at least I can use my leg. Folks, I don't want a repeat of that accident.

I was scheduled to work today at the hotel.  I called my boss at the hotel and offered to stay overnight last night at the hotel so I wouldn't have to drive in the snow today. One of my co-workers offered to work for me today if I would take her shift last night.  How generous of her!  Thank you!

I went in last night with the understanding that I would leave at the sight of the first snow flakes which were scheduled to start fluttering around ten o'clock.  My normal shift end is eleven o'clock. I didn't want a repeat of a few years ago when I left too late and almost got caught in the blinding snow.  I'm not religious and I don't pray but I was praying that night traveling down that snow covered road in the sideways snow. Praying that I would get home safe.  I did.  I vowed that I would never put myself in that situation again. And I haven't.  

Last night the snow started to fall about 9:40 pm.  I quickly did the night audit, locked up the hotel, called my boss to inform him I was leaving and I took off on the lightly covered snow covered roads.  I made it home just in time.  Even though the hotel where I work is quite comfortable, there is no place like home.  This was the scene outside my bedroom window before I went to bed last night. This major winter snow storm was just getting started. And I was out of it. Relief!

Very pretty for sure. But I was so glad I was home in my warm and comfortable bedroom.

I had a good night's sleep. This was the scene outside my bedroom window when I woke up this morning.

The storm tracker this morning. East coast covered!

 Just as I expected folks. Total white out. 

I'm not going anywhere today. Or tomorrow or maybe even the day after. I don't have to go back to work until Monday. Hopefully by then all this paralyzing white stuff will have been neutralized.

I love my river birch trees. Winter, spring, summer and fall. Always beautiful. Check them out this morning swaying in the snow storm gusts of wind. Beautiful! Glad I'm not out in it though.

I ventured out on our back deck this morning in the sideways snow to experience this rare snow storm (for southern Delaware) first hand. Bit cold folks. And again, I am SO GLAD I don't have to go to work or go out in this dangerous time. I can't afford another fall. 

It's days like this folks when I really appreciate my good fortune and circumstance in life. I have a secure and comfortable home. Secure that is as long as some idiot driver doesn't crash into one of those electrical poles along our roads down here. Seems as if every snow storm someone is out driving about and ends up sliding and crashing into one of those electric power posts knocking out power for hundreds. The question I always ask "What is SO important that ANYONE has to be driving around in weather like this?" Probably someone who ran out of cigarettes and out to buy some more. I doubt if doctors are crashing into utility poles.  

So here I stay today folks. I hope all of you, are also in a good place today.  And for those of you who aren't experiencing this snow, I'll be with you next month.  Yes, Pat and I will be in sunny California for two whole weeks!  Yipee! Can't wait to experience that dry heat of Palm Springs.

Stay safe and warm everyone!


pat888 said...

Ron - I loved a good snow storm as a kid just like you - for the same reasons. But, also, winter was a lot of fun. Tobogganing down hills, playing hockey. And also glad when winter ended - along with the cold. dirty city streets, all that extra clothing etc. I still don't mind a good storm of any sort. I certainly don't like the inconvenience it causes people - but it's a side of nature I still like to witness. Up here further north we are expecting quite a bit of snow and some frigid temps come Friday. And it seems to be coming from the States - which is a change. We usually get blamed for sending the snow down your way.


Larry Meredith said...


I was relieved that Laurel got home from work a few minutes ago (about 12:45). Roads are really bad, lots of accidents. She was supposed to pick up her new car today, but that will wait until tomorrow.

What I really miss is being here in the house all day. Not so long ago I would have been over in the state park hiking through the snow. I loved my walks in the snow. No more of that, I guess. I don't even go hiking in the state park these days due to my ALS, let along up on some of those high narrow snow covered trails.

I did try to get some food out to the birds this morning, poor things. I think we got more snow than expected and maybe it is starting to end now. I'll have to shovel the drive and walk again. Then the extreme cold is going to set in the next three days. It is very pretty out, though. Still, I'm beginning to hate winter.


Breenlantern said...

Good for you! I long for the days I don’t have to go out in this weather. As much as possible, I call into work or leave early (as I did today) when Road conditions are bad. Better an irate boss than a treacherous accident!

Veronica said...

I just discovered your blog and love it! I live in PA and work for a builder that builds in Lewes, Milton and Millsboro so I loved reading your thoughts on the area. Stay warm!

Mike said...

I love the swaying river birches!

Ron said...

I can do without these extreme winter conditions like single degree temperatures and the snow. My "winter" is 32 degrees and maybe an occasional snow flurry.

Ron said...

One good thing about a part-time job is that I don't have an irate boss. I like my job but it isn't my career and I am not dependent on it for my livelihood. A couple of years ago I did have a treacherous accident at work. I have no intention of that happening again. These days I am much more careful about falling. If it wasn't for Bill I would have ended up in a rehab center for three months. That was a close call.

Ron said...

Welcome to my blog. Glad you like it!

Ron said...

Me too Mike. That is one of the reasons I got them. I have a total of eight, five on the border and three right out my bedroom window. They're expensive but worth it.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Ron. Are you by any chance an AARP member? There was an article in the magazine (NOT the bulletin) about how to fall (somewhat more) safely, and I thought of you. If you're not a member, I can scan it and send it to you if you'd like. ~~ NB

Ron said...

I am an AARP member. I read all their publications. I am very careful not to fall. I plan not to fall. I understand most of the injuries when falling are caused by bracing yourself when you fall. You should fall like a limp rag. I hope I don't have to make that choice but if I do I will try to fall that way. Thanks for the advice.

Ron said...

I do enjoy the change of seasons. However, I find as I get older I don't like the extremes. Cold in winter and heat and humidity in the summer.

Anonymous said...

No problem! By the way, it's the issue with Octavia Spencer on the cover. One of the big things I recall was to protect your head (recent example of the bad things that can come from a head injury: Alex Trebek's blood clots in the brain). Although something I recall happening to women on my mother's side of the family is them trying to catch themselves and snapping wrists, etc. (osteoporosis runs rampant in those women, altho men can suffer from that too, especially if on certain medications such as PPI's or if it runs in the family). It's VERY hard to allow yourself to fall on your face: the body seems to know how catastrophic that can be & tries to stop it (fun fact: jury is out as to whether this is completely a physically protective response (to avoid broken nose, teeth, skin tears, bleeding, and of course impact to head) or if there is also a psychological factor (since so much of our sense of self is tied to how we look, especially our faces)). I believe the article said to turn your head, but I think your arms are going to automatically go out. Seems like the word back from those gals was to cross your arms or something; I'll have to ask my mother. ~~ NB

Ron said...

Cross my arms before I fall? I don't think I can think that fast (smile).

Ur-spo said...

I envy you. I miss snow in January.

Ron said...

I wish I could send you some!