Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Palm Springs Bloogerpalooza!

Blogger Buddies in Palm Springs at Mt. Jacinto last year - we get together again this year with a few more friends

Next month a few of my best blogger friends will gather in Palm Springs, California for a Bloogerpalooza.  What fun!

Tram riders to Mt. Jacinto
Our last Bloogerpalooza was held right here in Delaware three years ago. Again, I continue to be amazed at how fast time goes by.  

This Bloggerpalooza wasn't planed as a Bloogerpalooza but that's what I'm calling it.  Why? Because we're all blogger friends.

This is who will be there:

Me and Pat (of course)
Spo and Someone
Larry and Tim
Doug and Leon
And last but not least, Fearsome Beard

Fearsome Beard

All are invited.  We (me and Pat) will be in Palm Springs February 14th through February 22nd, 2018 (next month).  

Spo and Someone have slightly different dates as do the other guys but we will all over lap. Last year Pat and I just happened to be in Palm Springs at the same time as Spo and Someone. We had the great honor of attending Spo and Someone's wedding. 

Spo and Someone's Wedding in Palm Springs 2017

This year there is no wedding, that I know of. But we will all gather for good fellowship and a fabulous time as only blogger friends and older gay guys can.  

Pat at a vegan cafe in Palm Springs last year - we'll be back this year!


Geo. said...

I am a Californian, Ron, and we are all granted authority to welcome good people to this state --Welcome! What I can't quite identify is the figure in the 2nd photo "Tram riders to Mt. Jacinto", figure 2nd from left seems to have 2 heads. Cheerful photos all and I look forward to reading your report of festivities. Careful though, San Jacinto peak is just shy of 11000 feet --so be careful exerting yourself up there.

Raybeard said...

Nice to see you ALL again (but of course!) but I always get specially cheered to have evidence of the continued existence of the Larry.

Deedles said...

Time for my next eye injection, and none too soon! I read that as Boogerpalooza! I was afraid to read this! What a handsome bunch of boog..uh.. bloggers you are. Have fun.

Ron said...

For a bunch of guys separated by geography as we are, we all are such good friends. And what a great time we have together! All made possible by blogging!

Ron said...

Join us! You're always welcome.

Ron said...

That's Cubby whose head is on Spo's shoulder. Yes, I know that Mt. Jacinto is high! What a trip up there. We'll do it again.

Raybeard said...

It remains a pipe dream, Ron - but I'll never dismiss it as impossible.

Ron said...

Maybe someday that dream will come true Ray. It's hard to describe the feeling when you first meet your blogger friends in person. No other feeling like it. Hopefully sometime in the future you can join us in Palm Springs. We go every year about this time.

Ur-spo said...

I hope we all have a jolly good time

Ur-spo said...

They are all well over four feet.

Ron said...

We will! Of that I have NO DOUBT. All good guys and yes, all well over four feet!

Ron said...

That they are! Some are even over six feet.