Thursday, January 18, 2018

New Favorite Commercials

As a marketing major in college, I take particular interest in commercials. 

There are many types of commercials (rather obvious comment but I had to make it). Most commercials annoy me. Of course most of those annoying commercials are meant to annoy. They want you to remember them.  I do and I make sure I don't buy their product.  That's my little way of getting back.

I hear a lot of commercials because I have the TV on as background "wallpaper" while I'm pounding away at my computer keyboard as I am doing now. I tuned out most of those annoying commercials either in my mind of the really annoying commercials I hit the mute button on my TV remote control.

This morning I heard a new commercial that is immediately one of my favorites.  It's a GEICO commercial.  Some of the GEICO commercials are just plain stupid but I find this one rather clever. Made me laugh out loud. This is a commercial we can all identify with, driving and traffic and frustration. "Hey! We're all got places to go!"  Yes, indeed we are. (smile)

What do you think? Am I off or what?

"Big man with the horn."

Yes, I know, I have a weird sense of humor. That's what makes me SO interesting.


Deedles said...

I like all of the Geico commercials that don't include that annoying gecko. The one with the penguins always makes me laugh. There is an eczema medication ad that is so annoying that it makes my teeth clinch! The woman just keeps saying "eczema, it's fine". If I ever get eczema, I think I'll just suffer! I love your sense of humor.

Ron said...

I find that Geico gecko annoying too. Never got the humor in that one. This commercial is out and out funny though. I can watch it over and over again.

Ur-spo said...

Yes it is one of your better attributes. And you are well over four feet.

Ron said...

You have a pretty interesting sense of humor to Mr. Spo. One of your many fine qualities.