Sunday, January 21, 2018

Organizing My Memories

Some of the pictures I'm organizing, finally

For long time now I've had organizing my photos and videos hanging over my head. 

Just when I have figured out how to navigate the latest version of my computer's photo software, Apple comes up with a new version. Then I'm on a whole new learning curve. And you know how that goes. At this time in my life I'm trying to minimize learning new procedures. My brain just isn't as agile as it once was (or ever).  

I have 89,731 photos and 4,544 videos on my iMac. Yes folks, that's how many I have. 

More than a few are duplicates but most of them are originals. 

I still have hundreds if not thousands of old photos to scan to my computer.  

And why do I do this? At one time I thought I would leave a history behind me when I depart this dear earth.  But I now realize that nobody in my family (that I know of) cares. I'm just old "Uncle Ronnie", the gay guy who lives in Delaware.  

The last year or so I've come to realize I have these photos and videos for me to enjoy while I'm alive. I also like to select some and send them some friends who I know would appreciate them.  This year I sent several photo books to my former high school classmate who appreciated them greatly. And that's all I need folks, some appreciation. I know I would LOVE to have someone send me some old photos.  Alas that will never happen but that's human nature. I understand that now.  

I've come to terms with that reality.

At first I felt saddened but not now. One of the truly wonderful things about aging is that things I used to care about, things that upset me, no longer do.  Why worry about things I can't change?  

Now I have good news.  My new friend (and Apple computer specialist) Mike W. has helped me to understand how Photo works on my iMac. 

The last week I've been spending an average of about three hours a day organizing my photos and videos into folders. I'm on a roll folks!  What a good feeling!

A few months ago I got all my VHS videos tapes transferred to flash drives at a cost of over $1000.  A big bite to be sure but well worth it. I will transfer all those videos to YouTube.  Who knows?  There may be a future relative of mine who will find them of interest. At least those memories will be there after I'm gone.  That was a big relief when I completed that task.

Once I get these photos and videos organized my next big task will be to clean out my media room in the basement where I have many more "things" to sort. I know there are some treasures just waiting for to be discovered. 

Yes folks, this is what I was going to do when I retired.  I'm so glad I'm finally doing it.


Ur-spo said...

I come from a long line of genealogists. Trust me on this one: it feels feckless now but some descendent of yours (? not born yet) will want/use this all. Please label with names, location and date and a bit 'why'.

Harry Hamid said...

I have old videos from 25 years ago on VHS, old pictures from 20 years ago on 3 1/2 inch floppy disk, and I don't know when or if I'll ever do anything with them at this point. Formats change so quickly, and I'm the only one who cares about any of it.

Maybe when I'm retired, too. Like you say, even if it only means something to you, it's worth it...

Mike said...

Ron, I'm glad I could be of some small help to your project. You'll recall I learned a few things as well.

"And that's all I need folks, some appreciation." <---- I love this line! What we all crave.

Travel said...

As a recent convert to Mac at home, I am trying to figure out the filing system for photos. The good news is all of the photo files loaded from the windows back up drive (my Windows machine ate it's operating system or had a hard drive failure - still not sure which.) . The bad news is everything that was in neat folders based on the date code, is now in one 36,000 image file, in order by date code. I want to sort them by subject or locations.

pat888 said...

Ron - that's got to be a huge job. I wonder if you cross index as well. But it's great that you capture the moments. I know your classmates were quite delighted when you sent them a "photo story" of the reunion dinner. At the same time I wonder if you'll ever be able to keep up with yourself - as the photos just keep on coming.

Ron said...

It is a huge job. But I love doing it. However, I can only work a couple of hours at a stretch. Even I get bored with my own photos after the first few hundred. Can you imagine how many photos I would have though if I had a digital camera when I was young? Millions! I hope I get caught up with what I have now, approaching 100,000. But maybe I'll never catch up.

Ron said...

I'm still trying to figure out a quicker way to organize my photos. I know there is because that's the way Apple operates but I haven't quite figured it out yet. However, I am a lot better than I was before mainly due to the help of my friend Mike W.

Ron said...

You have been a BIG HELP for which I am very appreciative. Thank you again.

Ron said...

Sad to say but we are probably the only ones interested in our old memories that are in old photos and videos. I do enjoy watching them now. I just wish I had taken more photos of people and places when I was young instead of trees and roads. What was I thinking when I took those photos?

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,
You are so right. I have thought the same thing myself, down one or several generations I will have a relative who will appreciate all the work I've done to memorialize in photos and videos my life and my family. None in sight now though, they're all involved in their own day to day lives. Thank you again for your sage advice.