Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Whole House WIFI

Another Christmas has come and gone. Don't they seem to come around fast?  

We'll leave our abbreviated Christmas decorations up for another week.  We'll take them down after New Year's Day.  Put them away for another year.

This is the Dead Week.  Not much on TV except for rehashes of the "highlights" of the previous year, which I really don't want to be reminded of.  I know what happened.

I don't do New Year's resolutions but I do have a couple of things to get done in the new year.  One of them is to get whole house WIFI.  I thought I had whole house WIFI when I had a Computer Guy over hear last week to hard wire my WIFI.  Cost me $185.00. Doesn't work. So frustrating. 

I didn't plan it this way but my Internet (Comcast) modem is located in my home office which was the smallest bedroom at Casa Tipton-Kelly.  That bedroom is the farthest point from my bedroom which is at the exact opposite end of our house.  

I would like to stream Netflix movies in my bedroom.  I would like Internet (Bose) radio in my bedroom.  Not happening because I can't get WIFI over there.  Right now I pirate my neighbor's WIFI.  Her home office is closer to my bedroom than my home office. Nice planning Ron.

So I've tried just about everything to get whole house WIFI.  I brought TWO of those range extenders.  Didn't work.

I had the Computer Guy from work check it out and he installed a gadget behind my bedroom TV that cost $100.  Didn't work.  I got a refund.

The latest Computer Guy I had in said his "hard wire", which really isn't a hard wire but uses the house's internal wiring through another gadget he put behind the TV.  It worked at first (when he was here) but it's not working now.  This cost $185.00 including labor. 

I hate to call him and bug him but I really would like to have WIFI in my bedroom.  

One would think in this Digital Age we would have this WIFI signal thing solved.  We have the same problem at work.  Sometimes I think just about everything is snake oil.


Raybeard said...

"This is the DEAD week"! Too true, Ron (alas). They're dropping like flies all over the shop.
Btw: Yes, I DO know what you mean.

Ron said...

This week is going to be remembered as the "DEAD" week in more ways than one, especially with the passing of George Michael and Carrie Fisher.

Oliver said...

Have you looked into Google Wifi?

Ron said...

No I haven't. I'll check it out. Thanks.

Ur-spo said...

avoid snake oils and nostrums

Raybeard said...

And now the luminous Debbie too, Ron. And goodness me, there's still another three days of this ghastly year to go!

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