Sunday, December 18, 2016

Heat Wave!

Hey folks, we're having a heat wave here in southern Delaware!

Well, actually not a heat wave but the temperature right now is 68 degrees.  Wow!  I'll take it.  

Temperatures this morning when I began my walk - warmer here in Milton than in Los Angeles and Phoenix!

What a pleasure it was this morning to take my daily walk. 

Temperatures now in Milton, Delaware where I live

The temperature early this morning was 61 degrees.  Very windy but I could handle the wind in my face when the temperatures are this mild. I CAN'T handle a cold wind in my face. 

This is what I like about living in southern Delaware.  Even in the depths of winter, we still get mild days like today. Oh sure, we get snow too but not that much.  And if we do the snow usually only lasts a day or two.  

I'm loving this weather folks!  


nitewrit said...


Don't like it jumping up to too warm this time of year. Got up to upper fifties here today. Going down to highs in the thirties the next couple days. Like that better.


Bea said...

Wow! It's warmer where you are than in San Francisco. Enjoy the almost 'beach weather'!

Randy in NEB said...

Hi Ron, Well with me working this past month with NO days for has left me little time for blogging. The holidays remind me to reach out to friends and blog buddies. Glad to hear you are well and Bill are doing better. It's gotten cold here will you send me some of warm temps? On these cold nights wish I had a human bed warmer, if you know what I mean. And as always need to get blogging more. My personal New Years resolution?

Ron said...

This rapid change in temperatures is what brings the colds on Lar. So far I've been lucky, no colds. However, I think that's because I haven't come into contact with anyone at work who has a cold. That's usually how I get colds.

Ron said...

I am enjoying this weather Bea! It's cold here again but no snow, thank goodness.

Ron said...

If I could I would send you some of this warm weather. Also a "bed warmer." There is a "bed warmer" out there for you Randy. Just takes time. I gave up years ago and viola! There came my Canadian friend. You just never know. It's going to happen for you too Randy.

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