Friday, December 16, 2016

Random Thoughts as Christmas Approaches

What is going through your head today Ron?

Well, I think we're done with the doctor's appointments at least until next month (Bill's cataract surgery).  Wow, a who couple of weeks without a doctor's appointment for either one of us. Remember when we were young and we went, literally YEARS without doctors' appointments?  That is no longer the case in these, our "golden years."  Well, in many aspects these are our golden years except for our failing bodies.  

I don't know but I think my brain is starting to also show signs of wear and tear.  

When I talk to Pat (he of Toronto Canada) on FaceTime, he often starts the conversation with "What did you do today?"  You know folks, now I have to stop and THINK . . . "what did I do?"  Lately my mind has been coming up with a blank.  Other than hobble out of my bed in the morning, stiff with my every encroaching arthritis, and having my breakfast of bran cereal, almond milk and fresh strawberries, my mind is pretty much a blank.  Of course there were the string of doctors' appointments, visits to the local supermarket and BJ's Wholesale.  Such is our life. 

My work schedule at the hotel this month has left me totally confused (which doesn't take too much).  My part-time schedule is Mondays and Thursdays from 3 to 11 PM.  I don't remember the last time I worked those shifts. Sure would be nice to work them again so I can plan my life days. Just this month of December I've had I can't remember how many changes in my work schedule to accommodate my three fellow front desk agents who are taking vacation days, getting married and having operations.  Just two days ago, when I thought I was settled into my (again) schedule I received a text from one of my fellow co-workers asking me to switch shifts with them again. Right now I am so confused when I'm supposed to work.  I guess I should be like others and just say "No" but that's not my personality.  I always try to accommodate but as I found out from my last job at The Hampton Inn in Pennsylvania, co-workers and assistant managers tend to take advantage.  Yes, I am the Weakest Link.  It got so bad at the Hampton Inn, when the manager found out what was going on she put a stop to it immediately.  She told the assistant manager if he couldn't' find someone to fill in those last minute changes (and I was called more than once to "come in right away!") then he should fill the shift.  

Hey folks, I don't mind switching around . . . . occasionally . . . . but don't abuse my easy going nature. Don't take advantage of me. 

I also have changes to my work schedule but I try to let my manager know enough WAY ahead of time to he can adjust the work schedule.  What really gets to me is all these last minute changes.  I feel like a 24/7 fireman waiting by the sliding pole for a fire alarm.  Enough already.  There, I've had my rant for the day. Sure would be nice to get back to my regular schedule.

Folks, it is MAJOR cold around here, seventeen degrees this morning. I haven't had my daily exercise , 2 and a quarter mile walk for three days now.  And I've been slurping egg nog and eating chocolate mint cookies every day. I feel the extra pounds around my middle already. 

Oh, and one more thing.  I had an appointment with my dentist yesterday. A follow-up to my new partials. I sheepishly admitted to him I don't wear them when I'm eating (all that food getting stuck in the partials, don't want to deal with that).  I could see he was disappointed in me with his look.  He said "You're defeating the whole purpose of the partials. They're so you can chew on both sides of your mouth now."  I have to admit the partials do make me look good now, changing my "hillbilly mouth" to a regular, good-looking mouth. Oh well, I guess I'll try. Shamed into it.

I still am having a hard time wrapping my head around that Donald Trump will be our president. This all seems like a very bad dream to me. Every day I watch in horror at the latest childish tweet and threats. I can't believe what is happening to our country with this obviously unqualified person who is going to lead the greatest power on earth.  Let's face it, Mike Pence is calling the shots. Trump was just in the race to win.  Now all he wants to do is parade as many powerful people as he can to Trump Tower to kiss his ass ring and go on yet another victory thank you tour to bask in the adulation of his mind boggling stupid supporters. Scary times folks. 


Jon said...

It's really a shame that you're getting so many changes in your work schedule. It's completely unfair - - but nice guys always get taken advantage of (I know from experience). We've got to learn to say NO....but then everyone thinks we're the bad guy. You can't win.

It's been extremely cold here, too. 14 degrees last night. Snow is expected by Sunday - so I'm glad I went shopping yesterday (Friday).

Egg nog...and chocolate mint cookies? I LOVE it!!! said...

It's very cold here too in Northern Ca. 30 degrees. Unusual for us in the Sierra foothills.
i agree about the bad dream, I keep telling my husband, I feel like I'm in a really bad episode of the Twilight zone. it just doesn't feel real. And OMG, his cabinet picks are another horror story. I keep thinking something just has to happen.

nitewrit said...


Yes, I am sure all the doctors have taken off now for one holiday or another. We have one appointment left on the 21st, which is Lois' visit at the Swank Memory Center, then nothing else until I go to the ALS Clinic on January 6. I just finished scraping about a inch of ice off the driveway. Such activities are getting harder for me, but I managed. Tempitature is suppose to reach 49 degrees and I hope soon, because the road out front looks a mess. It has just reached 33 degrees, so hooray it is above freezing. We put a little cat shelter out back last week. I see there is a cat inside all this day. Smart cat.


Linda said...

Ron, Do not let yourself be taken advantage of......... Well I have to tell you, My Mom is 102 years old and until last Sunday, Dec. 11, she lived by herself. Well, she fell and I called 911, she went to the hospital stayed for three days and they suggested she go to a rehab facility to get stronger. I chose one place and she fell there yesterday, she wanted to get washed. They did not have a bed alarm in her bed.

Her face is bruised, her hand is cut and her feel are swollen and she has a bump on her head. I took pictures. I am having her transferred to a rehab closer to home on Monday. She is not happy with me, she wants to go home.
I am beside myself.

Getting older is not easy.

I am glad you and Bill are free of Dr. appointments for a couple of weeks. I enjoy your posts, please do not quit. Take care............. I still cannot believe Donald Trump will take office next month. So disgusted.

Ur-spo said...

stay warm; stay coherent; avoid curried snacks.

Ron said...

Curried snacks? Hmmmmm.

Ron said...

I just finished reading a great book on how we look at and take care of our aging population. It's called "Being Mortal" by Atul Gawande. Read it, it's very helpful and informative. This book addresses issues like nursing homes and assisted care and how we should look at different options. I was very fortunate with my Mother. Towards the end she fell a lot but, thankfully, she didn't seriously injure herself. We were also able to keep her out of a nursing home but it was close. My brother and sister-in-law almost gave up because they literally couldn't get any sleep at night, because our Mother kept knocking on the wall. She wasn't happy because she wanted to stay in her home but that wasn't possible. I hope you find a good place to put your mother into.
Always good to hear from you Linda. I'll keep blogging, as long as I can.

Ron said...

I had a wonderful walk this morning in the 16 degree temperatures. Very windy but that was alright, love these warmer temperatures and NO SNOW.
Thank you for putting a little cat shelter in. Those cats who are outside in the winter will so appreciate your kindness.

Ron said...

I'll be very honest with you, I am very concerned for our country with Donald Trump and his minions in power. Trump isn't qualified to be president, he doesn't even read. Trump is just in it because he wants the adulation (witness the "Thank you" tour. What is the first disaster? Dismantling the social safety net? Provoking a foreign power into a war? Riots in this country because of some action or no action by a member of his cabinet to the next domestic crises? An economic meltdown to make Bush's look like kid's play? I fear for our country. What have the Trump supporters done?

Ron said...

My whole career, because my default personality is eager to please and have every one like me, is one of being often taken advantage of. Just lately the worm has turned and I've begun saying "No." However, recently I haven't been saying "No" and here we go again, being taken advantage of again.
The temperature here now is 68 degrees! I love it! I also love egg nog and chocolate mint cookies! Again, we have something else in common Jon.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Ron. I hope Bill's health is continuing to improve. And please give those partials a chance! Maybe you can find a way to clear the stuck food immediately after your meals. I recommend a Google search; you are probably not the only one with that issue, and you may find some remedies that folk have come up that will work for you.

I don't want to pry, or in any way tell you what to do. However, since you have mentioned your arthritis bothering you a couple of times, I wanted to ask you if you have spoken with your doctor about Celebrex (generic name is celecoxib). Now please don't publicly answer that, because your health is private; just wanted to make sure you knew about that (prescription) medication. It worked wonders for my mother, much more than say Tylenol Arthritis, Aleve (naproxen), or ibuprofen. Down side is a risk of GI bleeding, but it is somewhat less than the risk with naproxen or ibuprofen (and especially aspirin). However, you should discuss that risk with your doctor (on the off chance s/he doesn't bring it up); nowadays it is pretty standard practice to "cover" you with a PPI (such as Aciphex, Prevacid, Prilosec, Protonix, or Nexium; I think the first 4 are available as generics). Anyway, just a thought. I've never met you, but you sure seem like a great guy, and I hate to hear of you being in pain.

Happy Holidays to you and Bill (and Pat, too)! ~~~ NB

Linda said...

Thank you so much for the information about the book. I retired last year from working at the Camden County Library in Voorhees, NJ, after almost 34 years. My Mom does want to come home, but as I said in previous post she is going to another rehab tomorrow, closer to home. Take care, I hope you have had a good day.