Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Washing Machine Repair

RB Appliance Service
Arrived at Casa Tipton-Kelly to repair my washing machine

Another busy day around here at Casa Tipton-Kelly.

Our ten year old Whirlpool washing machine has been acting temperamental lately. I put the wash in, the water fills up the tub and . . . . . . . . . nothing. 

Well, as you know I am NOT mechanically inclined.  In fact I'm a real doofus when it come to ANYTHING mechanical.  

I don't know and I don't WANT to know. My talent is organization, charming personality and writer par excellence.  Well, maybe not so much of the latter (but I do like to write, witness how I can go on and on about nothing in my blog posts). 

About six months ago I noticed that I had to fiddle around with the knobs on the washing machine to get it started after the tub filled with water.  I didn't know how I got it to start chugging but I did.  Then about two months ago, when I was leaning on the lid to reach the knob I realized that I could push the lid in and the wash would start.

Thus I put off calling the 800 number for repair.  Yes, I do procrastinate. And when I do I regret it later.  

So that worked for a while, me pushing down on the lid.  Then came a time when even THAT didn't work.

I reluctantly called the 800 number listed on the lid of the washing machine.  The person I got on the other end of the line asked me my zip code (I live in southern Delaware).  He fumbled a bit, talking to himself then gave me a number of a washing machine service provider nearest to me which was in:


I asked him "Are you kidding me?"  He fumbled a bit more, and said "Hmmmm, yeah."  I quickly sense that this phone call wasn't going to provide me with the help I was seeking and I hung up.  And I procrastinated again.

However, two days ago the washing machine completely stopped mid wash when Bill opened the lid. 

He called me to help.  I couldn't get it started.  Thus we had a tub load of wet clothes. What to do now?  

Bill pulled the clothes out and tried to wring them from the water as much as he could.  He wanted to ask our neighbor if we could use her washer.  We called her but she wasn't in.  

I tried to get the washer to start again.  Somehow I managed to get it started.  

Now was the time to bite the bullet and look for a appliance service person.  

I did an Internet search for a local appliance service provider.  No more calling the Whirlpool 800 number.

Guess what?  I found a local appliance service person!  I checked for reviews.  
More good news, he had all good reviews on Yelp.

That man came today.  He replaced the starter, which was the problem.  He also noticed that the rubber hoses were out of date.  They should have been replaced in 2011.

He replaced the starter and the hoses.  

He was a nice guy.

"Rick", my appliance service person

He charged a reasonable price.

I will write a very favorable review of his service.

Good news folks.  

See there, I don't always complain.


  1. Glad it was an easy fix, it is always easier when the person doing the job knows what they are doing. Good catch on the hoses, you really don't want those going pop. The person who thinks Rhode Island is near Delaware, needs a good map. There are 15-million people between the two.

    1. David,
      For once, this was an easy fix, no complications or sticker shock at the repair bill. A refreshing change.

  2. My parents had a washer/dryer they bought from Sears and it worked without fail for probably 20-25 years. I have been less fortunate I think I am on set number 5 but the home I am in now came with brand new front loading w/d and I still have the top loading W/D I moved here with sitting idle in the basement. Seem to recall my parents refrigerator lasting for longer than mine have as well...Oh well, the point is we do not consider how much we use these appliances until they break down...

    1. Oliver,
      Our washing machine at our previous home lasted the whole twenty-five years we lived there. That washing machine was also a Sears (Kenmore). I think now there is a planned obsolescence in many products, including cars.

  3. never complain; it's bad on the blood pressure.


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