Thursday, December 22, 2016

Price is Right! Here We Come!

Me at "The Price is Right!" last year (the poor photo is a result of taking it from the TV show - I had to freeze frame to capture my two seconds of celebrity glad-handing our friend Lloyd who was called to "Come on down!"

We're going to "The Price is Right!" again this year!

The line outside CBS Television studio waiting to get into "The Price is Right!" - this is the day last year that we stood in line for about three hours. Not to worry, they do keep you entertained and the weather was beautiful that day!

I just finished printing my tickets.  We'll be on the show Valentine's Day, February 14th, 2017.  

Our "Priority Ticket" for Valentine's Day, February 14th, 2017. This guarantees us entrance to the show after waiting in line for hours - it's worth it!

This is the second year we're going. Neither one of us got called up on "The Price is Right!" stage last year by George the announcer (we were sitting near him).  We're hopeful that we'll be lucky this year and get the call to "Come on down!" Even if we don't get called, we love the experience. 

Can you spot me and Pat in the audience? That's us in the second row to the left. Pat is in a gray sweater and I'm in my custom made Dr. Spo "Parrot" shirt.  We're clapping our hands, which is what they tell us to do incessantly.  My hands were sore by the time we got out of there! We were right behind George the Announcer, who is a very nice guy by the way.

This is also the third year we (Pat and I) will be visiting Los Angeles (West Hollywood). This is our annual tradition now.

Our flight from Philadelphia to Los Angeles, five hours in the Tube in the Sky

Both Pat and I love Los Angeles.  Oh I know, THE TRAFFIC.  Thank goodness Pat is an excellent driver.  He's been driving in Toronto  traffic his whole life. Did I get lucky or what to have such an experienced chauffeur? 

LA Freeway traffic

I was warned the first time that I visited Los Angeles . . . . "the traffic!"  Tell me about it.  It IS A BEAR.  But with Pat's terrific driving skills and calm demeanor, the only problem we had was the time it took to traverse just a few miles from LA to Pasadena or Santa Monica.  Where I live now I'm only ten miles from Rehoboth Beach.  I can get to Rehoboth in about ten minutes.  Santa Monica and Pasadena (and Burbank) are CLOSER to where we were staying in West Hollywood but it took us at least an hour to get from point A to point B.  Yes, the freeway in LA is surely a sight to behold and experience.

Pat standing in line at the Veggie Grill in West Hollywood, our favorite "go to" place for lunch and dinner when we're staying in Hollywood - located at 8000 Sunset Boulevard, directly across from the Chateau Marmont Hotel

But you know what folks?  After we return from one of our forays into the excitement that is LA, we return to the comfort of wherever we are staying.  This year we chose an Air B n B in West Hollywood. 

Pat relaxing by the pool at the Hollywood Bed and Breakfast, where we stayed last year
 We are both looking forward to seeing our friends Nadege and Tony again, and hopefully this year to see Mike Wilson (are you reading this Mike)?  

Pat and Nadege on a palm lined street in West Hollywood, the place to be!

On this our third visit to LA, I hope to do one of those studio tours. Either Paramount, Universal or even go to Disneyland.  Come on Pat!  But whatever we do, and we do play it loosey goosey, we have a great time.  

Nadege treats us to lunch at the Veggie Grill on Sunset Boulevard

Other than our planned visit to "The Price is Right!", we have nothing set in stone in our schedule other than to reunite with our friends Nadege and Tony.  

Tony (isn't he handsome?), me and Pat at a vegan restaurant in Silver Lake (Tony's recommendation)

So here Pat and I are off to another adventure.  Maybe this time we'll be discovered by a Hollywood agent!

Pat and Ron in Lotus Land (aka Los Angeles, California)


Anonymous said...

Your excitement bursts right off of the, screen! Being from San Diego originally, I loathe L.A. We make an annual trip from Northern California to San Diego, so we have to pass through Los Angeles. I swear, there is absolutely no hour in which there is good traffic! Hauling a trailer through that stuff sucks big time! Sorry, flashbacks *snicker*. Universal Studios is fun. We have grandkids and unfortunately we have to sell one to get the admission price at the "family theme park" Disneyland.
By the way, are you sure you and Pat weren't separated at birth? The resemblance is uncanny. Maybe this trip you will be discovered, you stud muffin :)


Jon said...

I always look forward to your L.A. visits, because they are so well-documented. The traffic was bad when I lived there - - I can only imagine what it's like now.....But look at that gorgeous blue sky over the CBS building! What a great place to escape the harshness of winter!
Glad you got your Price is Right tickets. Anybody who can get up early in the morning and stand in line for three hours has my wholehearted admiration!

pat888 said...

Ron - thanks for this post. So great to see those pictures and relive the adventure. Looking forward to everything again: Nadege, Tony, The Price is Right, Little Tokyo, Sunset and Vine etc etc. Not too long from now either. And this year we finally get to see Palm Springs - and it's during Modernism Week. Of course we'll visit the Shag store out there as well as the one on Melrose. Love LA. Maybe La La Land will still be playing there during our visit! I'd like to wish all your blogger readers a happy and relaxed Christmas time (or whatever is celebrated) and a healthy, and prosperous 2017.


Tony said...

I will look forward to your visit and work on finding a new veggie place to show you guys. I highly recommend you book a tour of Paramount Studios, at least if you are interested in that sort of thing. It is one of a kind, and a piece of Hollywood history.

Ron said...

Good to hear from you! Absolutely, we are so looking forward to visiting with you again and checking out a new veggie place. And thank you for the link to booking a tour at Paramount Studios. I will definitely do it this time. We're in LA for two weeks this time so we'll have time to do the tour. No more excuses from Pat.

Ron said...

We always seem to have a grand adventure wherever we go don't we? And now we're finally going to visit Palm Springs, an area which I've heard so much about for so many years. Let's see if it lives up to its hype. And we're also going to do a studio tour. No more excuses!

Ron said...

We love visiting LA. I had heard about the LA traffic but I have to admit I took a big gulp (!) when we first entered the Freeway. "Could this be actually happening?" I thought. Wow, to live with that traffic day in and day out. I much prefer the wide open roads here in the flat coastal lands of southern Delaware. By the way, it's not bad standing in line that long for the Price is Right. They do keep you entertained and the time goes by fast. Plus you're making friends while standing in the line. "We're all in this together."

Ron said...

All my life I wanted to visit Hollywood. Now we're actually doing it and although, we have yet to see a star or even a has been, our visits to Hollywood are always exciting for us. Jut to think we're walking the same streets so many stars have walked, gives both of us that special feeling.
Pat and I often joked that we were part of the "same omoeba" in a previous life because our personalities are so similar. He's the first person I met in my life who is so much like me in personality and outlook on the world. But I have to admit it came as a surprise to me the first time someone (always a stranger) pointed out to us how much we look alike. Neither one of us ever thought that but it's happened so often now there must be something to it. I know one thing, I always fee so comfortable with Pat and he with me. We think alike. Have a wonderful Christmas and thank you for your comment.

Ur-spo said...

nice shirt

Ron said...

I thought so too!

Linda said...

Ron, I am so happy you and Pat are going to California again! I so look forward to all you blogs and videos! Wishing you and Pat a safe, happy trip. Oh, and I hope you do get on The Price is Right this time. Hey, it will be Valentine's Day, you never know..........


Anonymous said...

I've got the date marked on my calendar >........ When I was in the hospital last month it was funny. You knew when it was 11am all the tvs turned to the jingle.