Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Bill Visits His Gastroenterologist Doctor

Bill with his gastroenterologist this morning

This morning Bill had his followup visit with his gastroenterologist. Yes, I can spell "gastroenterologist" without looking it up (smile). 

Good news folks, I like this doctor!  Bill likes him too.  He's one of those rare professionals who actually takes the time to listen to the patient (or customer).  He was informative and friendly. When I asked if I could take photos he immediately said "Sure!" 

Bill's excellent gastroenterologist (Dr. Jon)

The good doctor examined Bill and pronounced him healing.  Bill has peptic ulcers in his stomach and esophagus.  Bill also has a narrowed esophagus.  

The doctor asked us to see him again in six months for a followup.  At that time he will probably insert a ballon in his esophagus to expand his esophagus. 

The doctor checks Bill's heartbeat. Bill has an extra heartbeat. I do too. We're both not spring chickens anymore

Bill is a little weaker now since his experience of vomiting blood and going to the emergency room two weeks ago. But he is on the road to recovery. Thank goodness.

We're both looking forward to a stretch of time now with no doctor's visits, or emergencies.


Travel said...

It is nice to have doctors who listen and explain things. Here is to a year of good health.

Anonymous said...

So nice to hear everything is finally getting better for you two. I hope you both have a quiet, uneventful holiday season!

Anonymous said...

I love my gastroenterologist, but I would love it if he looked like Bill's! ~NB