Sunday, December 11, 2016

Whole House Wifi

That's NOT me sitting at my computer desk, it's the Computer Guy who is setting up my whole house wifi

Today I finally got wifi throughout our house.

This was long overdue.

My bedroom is located at the opposite side of the house from where my computer modem is located in my home office.

In my bedroom my neighbor Barbara's wifi comes in better than mine.  My bedroom is actually closer to her home office than it is mine. Planning folks, planning. 

Over the years I have tried several different methods to extend my wifi signal.  

I've brought two of those extenders, which were worthless.  Didn't extend anything.

A couple years ago I had our work computer guru in the house and he installed a $100 gadget on the back of my TV which he said would "guarantee" I got a good signal.  Didn't happen. I returned his snake oil and got my $100 back.

This summer, across the field from Casa Tipton-Kelly, right next to Route One, a business open up in a former home that was sitting on the market for over a year. I won't mention the name of the business (Internet search algorithm would bring him to my blog) but I will say it is one of those "computer solutions" businesses.  

I gave him a call a couple of weeks ago and stated my problem.  I wanted good wifi throughout my house so not only could I chat on FaceTime with my Canadian buddy Pat but have access to steam movies from Netflix.  

I am happy to say mission accomplished. 

Man is it ever refreshing to accomplish something that makes life a little more enjoyable. 

Getting that Netflix streaming movie thing going in my bedroom


  1. It sounds like you gave yourself a perfect Christmas gift, Ron. Unfortunately, I know next to nothing about Wifi. Heck, I'm still trying to figure out my VCR (*smile*).

    1. Jon,
      VCR? What's that? (smile) We have several old ones in the manse here. We're reluctant to dispose of them. We also have a couple hundred VCR cassettes. The Digital Age is speeding by us so fast.

  2. avoid wickedness on the Wifi


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