Friday, December 02, 2016

Progress - Bill's Primary Care Provider

"Susan" - Bill's primary care provider at the VA


Yesterday was a very full day but we made progress!

We met with Bill's primary care provider at the VA Outpatient Clinic yesterday morning. 

This is the first time I met her.  Bill has often told me about her and how much he likes her. I can see why, she cares. 

Susan questions Bill about his condition

I was worried that Bill wouldn't get timely, follow-up care for his recent medical emergency. Not to worry now, Susan put through an "Urgent" consult to the VA "Choice" program.  She also gave us a script so Bill could get his medication that we could fill immediately at a nearby Rite Aid.

You know what is so important other than just getting timely medical care, knowing that someone cares.  Susan cares. 

Susan checking Bill's heartbeat - Bill has a BIG heart

Even though Bill and I go to the same VA Outpatient clinic, I have a different doctor (who I also like very much because he also cares).  Susan and I hit it off immediately. She didn't even mind me taking photos and even a short video in which she gave me instructions on how to navigate the next step in Bill's medical treatment under the "Choice" program. 

Yesterday was extra busy because I also had a dental appointment.  Then I got a call to come into work later in the date, which I did after my 4 o'clock dental appointment.  You know folks, I often think it would be nice to have a month or so of just "coasting."  Not happening now so I deal with the hand that has been dealt to us.

Today I have to finalize making an appointment for Bill with a gastroenterologist.  But first I have to receive a "Choice" number from the VA.  Yet another hurdle to overcome. I was told to call back at 1 o'clock for that number, which is about an hour from now.

But as exhausting as yesterday way, and believe me I was tired when I came home from the hotel last was Christmas "Hospitality Night" in Lewes, I slept well knowing that the wheels were moving to getting Bill his follow-up medical care. 

Bill is still weak but slowing regaining his strength.  He lost 14 pounds during this medical episode. He always wanted to lose some weight but not this way.  

Progress was made yesterday. We are heartened. 

Bill and his primary care provider Susan


Melissa said...

What a relief to know that you have Susan to help.... I am glad the day was not too horrible. Bill looks good for what he went through.

nitewrit said...


Glad to hear this.


Oliver said...

He is wearing a Steelers Hat so good things will happen.

Ron said...

Meeting Susan and knowing that she really cares made so much difference in my anxiety about The care that Bill will need. Now just to maneuver our way through the VA health care system.

Ron said...

Same here! This is the first time I met Susan although Bill has often talked and praised her. So good.

Ron said...

Although Bill is not a Steelers' fan (he just likes the hat), he has often received comments from strangers when we're out. That Steeler's hat is indeed a magic hat.

Linda said...

It is so important to have a caring Medical Professional like Susan. I am glad that Bill is on his way to a great recovery.


Ron said...

I am too Linda. Than you for your well wishes.

Jon said...

That last photo is so sweet. It's obvious that Susan really does care - - and that seems to be a rarity nowadays.
I'm glad to hear the positive news, Ron.

Anonymous said...

There are always so many bad stories regarding the VA Health System and I know much of it is related to poor funding. However, I know many wonderful providers who work in the VA system and they take a lot of pride in what they do and feel as though they are giving back to the veterans.

Ron said...

She does care Jon. That was the first time I met her. Bill has been telling me for years how good she is. I feel reassured that she is taking care of him.

Ron said...

That has been my experience with the VA system, once you get in you get excellent care, maybe better than the private sector. But it is the getting in that is difficult sometimes and I think you're right, a lot of it is related to funding. I could have a private care provider doctor with my Medicare and supplemental insurance but I prefer my VA doctor because he has time for me and cares. Even though I use a VA doctor, my Medicare is charged. If you don't have Part B Medicare and Supplement Insurance, the VA has this Choice program but it is proving very onerous to navigate. We have just one more hurdle to pass then we're in for Bill's current problem.

Ur-spo said...

I nice sounding PC person indeed.