Saturday, August 13, 2016

My Visit to the Dermatologist

The Medical Arts Building off of Rt. 24, yesterday where my dermatologist practices

Folks, with the temperatures hovering around 97 degrees and oppressive humidity, Bill and I are housebound in our air conditioned ten year old ranch style Ryan home.  Ah, what did we do before air conditioning?  They say we became "acclimated" but I don't know about that.  Seems awfully hot these days to me.  

Yesterday we braved the Friday traffic on Route One and wheeled on down to the Medical Arts Building on Route 24 for my semi annual full body skin check by my dermatologist.  I hate driving on Route One, especially on a Friday afternoon in the summertime.  Just a lava flow of hot vehicles destined for the Atlantic Ocean waves of the Rehoboth Beach sands.  Oh the parking meter income in the summertime for Rehoboth.

I've been going to a dermatologist every year since 1990 when precancerous growths were discovered all over my face.  About half the time I've had those precancerous growths removed, sometimes by dry ice and sometimes surgically.  So far no skin cancer.  

So yesterday was a routine visit.  They know me well.  After a half an hour crawling in traffic for a trip that should have taken ten minutes I arrived at my dermatologist's office.  I was greeted with "Time to update our paperwork!"  I was given a clip board with eight sheets of paper to record ALL my past surgeries, medications, and check off any health issues I have.  God, how many times have I filled those forms out?  And I also had to fill out the releases for my medical records and photos (liability protection for my doctor) and the privacy forms.  When I was done I felt like I took my college SAT's again.  I always forget how many milligrams of my medications I take and you know I can't spell those medications which all seem to end in "stan."  

Oh well, I was finally ushered into my waiting room and told to disrobe (except for my short).  My now flabby 74 year old body thus would be on display again.  And to add insult to this indignity I was told "We're out of hospital gowns so you'll have to cover yourself in this paper sheet."  


She handed me a folded tissue that looked like the under table cloth cover.  Aren't hospital gowns sort of  . . . . . . BASIC?  

I unfolded the sheet, which was very thing by the way, and attempted to cover my gangly, loose flesh, aged marked body as best I could.  I hopped on the paper covered examining table and awaiting my doctor.

He came in and greeted me.  I have to give him credit for not laughing out loud seeing me shivering under that VERY THIN blue tissue paper.  I thought briefly of talking a selfie of myself thus but thought better of it.  Wouldn't want to be the cause of my faithful readers having nightmares tonight. 

My dermatologist is of Chinese descent.  I have a Korean urologist. I don't know what that means but I thought I would mention that fact.  I think it is interesting.

Anyway, he greets me (we're like old friends now) and checks my sad, flabby body out.  He checks my left cheek, where on my last visit he removed a stubborn actinic keratosis lesion that just wouldn't go away.  During a visit last year he burned it off (my cheek was smoking) but it didn't take.  So my last visit he cut it out.  No smoking this time, only blood.  Nice.

Good news, that particular keratosis did not return He checks out the rest of my bod and I pass, albeit I do have a number of small keratosis but I am told that is "normal for my age."  That phrase "normal for your age" is a phrase I'm hearing a lot of since I entered my final "Golden" years. He informs me I don't have to come back for a year now.  Hallelujah!  

So there you go folks, I'm done with my doctors' visits for this year.  Oh wait, I do have one more in September, I'm getting my eyes checked again.  My left eye is weaker.  I think I need a new prescription.  My eye doctor has told me that I have "cataracts in my future".  Oh joy.

I'm clear now for my upcoming visit to Toronto, Canada to visit my "little brother" Pat at the end of this month.  Every year I spend Labor Day week in Toronto with Pat.  What a nice way to end the summer, eh?

Pat and me in downtown Toronto 2014
(sometimes a passerby will offer to take our picture together after seeing us struggle to take a selfie, this was one of those occasions)


Jon said...

A trip to the dermatologist isn't pleasant but you've made your excursion enjoyable to read. Next time maybe you should bring your own hospital gown!
It's only been in the 80's here this weekend, but the humidity is always high and miserable. It's great that you have a Canadian trip to look forward to for the end of summer!

Jimmy said...

Hope you don't get a cold from sitting nekked in a freezing cold exam room and screw up your trip! But Canada this time of year would be most excellent this time of year. What will Bill do without you?

Travel said...

The record setting, not cooling off stretch has been a drag this summer. I'm headed to Florida for Labor Day to see family for a couple of days - it may actually be cooler there. Don't worry about the shape of you body, they have seen much worse.

Ur-spo said...

good for you, for your yearly dermatology exams. Commendable.

Ron said...

I was thinking of that very thing, bring my own hospital gown the next time! Man oh man, they didn't even have hospital gowns with the prices they charge my Medicare?
Still brutally hot here. Temperature 97 but "feels like 107." We can only go outside for a few minutes before we start sweating. Pat's been having hot days in Toronto too but today he said it cooled down. Good to hear that the weather in your beautiful part of the country has calmed down. Still got the monster weeds though? (smile)

Ron said...

Bill always gets messed up when I go away. I'm only going away for a week this time though. We have great neighbors, they'll look in on him to make sure he's alright.

Ron said...

My body has betrayed me. What happened? I used to be so slim and trim, now I'm just flabby. Gravity does take it's toll.

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,
Another relief, no more burning or cutting on my skin. For awhile away.

pat888 said...

Ron - hoping you have a long stretch ahead without doctor appointments! At least after the eye exam. But the good thing about being in Toronto is we aren't far from the American border if you ever did need anything done. I'm pretty sure it'll be smooth sailing unless we get on some extended ride at the CNE and get all shook up! Nice photo at the end. King St Toronto.