Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Morning at the Beach

Finally, a nice summer day here in southern Delaware. It seems for most of the summer the days have been unbearably hot and humid. Too uncomfortable to just take a walk on the boardwalk in Rehoboth Beach. However,  this morning was an exception.  Bill agreed to go with me for the ten mile ride down Route One early this morning to Rehoboth Beach.  

I love walking on the boardwalk in RehobothBeach.  There is a certain spring on "the boards" that I find very pleasant when walking.  My legs and butt cheeks just feel so good during my daily walk. I usually take my walk through the development here where we live.  This walk is pleasant enough, a clean and quiet neighborhood. However, I am walking on a macadam road dodging the occasional car coming in and out of our development.  Not much of interest to look at either.  Same houses and landscaping.  I do run into the occasional neighbor who is also walking or taking a bike ride.  

Walking on the boardwalk in Rehoboth Beach is so much better.  Lot's of interesting people watching.  And I get free parking if I get to Rehoboth early because the the meters don't become active until 10 AM.  

When I first got my new car in 2010 I used to drive down to Rehoboth almost every day for my walk.  Then I noticed I was really racking up the mills on my car and filling my gas tank more frequently.  Plus, I was putting myself at risk of having an accident on our notorious Route One (Coastal Highway).  So after careful evaluation and somewhat ruefully, I decided not to make that morning run to Rehoboth Beach for my morning walk.  A couple of mornings I was at the boardwalk so early I noticed some suspicious characters lurking around looking for an easy mugging victim.  No thank you.  I was already mugged once when I lived in Philly (gun pulled on my demanding "You life or your money!")  Once is enough.

My walk was so refreshing this morning that I have decided to do it again tomorrow.  No yoga classes though!


  1. Ron,

    Tomorrow is supposed to be a twin to today, so it should be another great day to visit the beach. I manage my much shortened walks each morning and today was very nice. You post was refreshing, one could almost feel the sea. And what a relief not to be reding anything about politics.


  2. Hey Ron where did you get the Rehoboth post card?? Great shot. Love the exaggerated shadow! Bill looks super too. That sea air must be beneficial. Great walking on the springy boards too. Ohh how I envy you now - trying to get free of my sciatic nerve dilemma. I notice there are bicyclers there too. You could really do some distance if you had your bike with you. So glad it's pleasant for you down there after the prolonged hot spell. I've been there during the heavy heat and I know it isn't pleasant.

  3. It's so nice that you and Bill were able to get out early and navigate the boardwalk. I love boardwalks but haven't been on one in a long time. I can understand, however, why you wouldn't want to drive there every days.

    Wow! I never knew you were mugged in Philly. That is scary. Some dude tried to mug me one might in downtown Los Angeles. I was young and reckless back then - I pulled my switchblade on him and cut his hand (no kidding). Then I RAN like hell.

    Those people doing yoga on the beach are rather amusing. Hopefully no seagulls crapped on them!

  4. These two shorts do give the impression of a pleasantly refreshing ambulatory outing.

    Btw: I have the feeling that the boardwalk MAY get a bit 'cruisey' after dark? Or is it closed off at night? Or maybe people there just don't do 'that sort of thing'?

  5. Does the traffic lighten up in September and October? Take care, enjoy the walks and keep moving.


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