Thursday, August 11, 2016

Medical Update and Other Bits of NewsI

Good morning folks!  How is everyone doing on yet another hot, muggy summer day? Here at Casa Tipton-Kelly we're managing to get through this hot, hot summer.  

We don't go out of the house much after ten in the morning in order to avoid the heat and humidity. I would love to do some yard work but hate it when I'm soaked in sweat after only five minutes outside.  Then it's inside to peel off my stinky, wet T-shirt and take a shower. 

Both of us, being the advanced ages that we have arrived at, have to be careful we don't become overcome by the heat. There have been a few times I got woozy while outside working pulling weeds. Same with Bill while he was checking for bag worms.

For the medical update that I teased in my blog banner title, my leg is doing great!  After a year and a half of tearing my quadricep leg muscle, my leg is 98% normal.  I walk every morning the length of our development, which is about a mile. I try to walk in the evening too but sometimes I bike.  It's so good to have my leg back.  Walking was always one of my treasures.  I have always enjoyed walking. And in my opinion walking is the best form of exercise next to swimming.

The VA didn't call me back to let me know if Bill is eligible for cataract surgery.  They were supposed to call me back "24 to 36 hours" but of course they didn't.  They have a program called "Choice" which enables veterans who are more than 40 miles from the nearest VA facility to use a local doctor. I just made a series of calls to get authorization for his cataract surgery. Several phone calls with live people then one that I had to leave a message.  They're going to call me back, I hope.  If not I go through the same routine tomorrow.

Oh it is so hot out today.  The humidity is the killer.  Of course I'm semi-soaked.  Stinking up this shirt I'm wearing.  Nothing like that sweaty smell to put one in the Summertime Mood.

Off to work today folks.  I expect I'll get a lot of calls for availability this weekend at the hotel.  We're full!  And NO, we DON'T have a pool. Try the Delaware Bay.


Jon said...

Fantastic news concerning your leg! It's difficult to believe that there was a time when you thought you might not ever walk again. Exercise is extremely important - and I agree that walking and swimming are the best. I never liked the idea of running or jogging.
By the way, I sure hope Bill can get the cataract surgery soon.

Last summer was my first in Tennessee and I was surprised how cool it was with relatively low humidity. BUT THINGS HAVE CHANGED!! This summer has been unbearably hot with constant high humidity. Fortunately it cools off at night, but not for long.
I went out at dawn today to do some weeding and it was so humid that I couldn't tolerate it. I had to go back inside - - and that was before the sun rose!
Anyway, keep cool....

Ur-spo said...

I always enjoy 'tid-bits' entries like this; it is like hearing the news over a cup of tea.

pat888 said...

Ron - there certainly is a heat wave going on. I've managed fine with it - but looking forward to a break. With humidity factor Toronto reached 108 F. Or at least that's what it's supposed to feel like. But I'm still not complaining - I know February is just down the road and I 'd rather deal with this. You and Bill are wise to stay inside during this heat. It can overcome people. Toronto's hottest day on this calendar day was in 1936. The heat wave lasted a few days and there was no A/C. People flocked to the beaches - even slept there to stay cool. About 225 individuals died in the city and more than 5000 people died across North America.

Jimmy said...

I'm glad your leg is better although I don't know what was wrong. I'll have to search back in your writing. We live in a climate where if it is 90f at noon, it's 90f at midnight eight months out of the year with 100% humidity making it feel even hotter. I only wear white cotton polo shirts and shorts that I buy used from a charity store that supports people living with AIDS. I call my clothes "my uniform".
I'm sure Bill is concerned with eye surgery. Having been through three different surgeries (I'm falling apart) I think I would be. But being able to drive a car is being independent.

Travel said...

It has been a record setting summer, the most contiguous days on record, with the temperature not dropping below 70 degrees. If only we could save some of this heat for next summer. Keep moving, to keep moving, but watch the heat.

Ron said...

I was convinced that my walking would be impaired the rest of my life. Even a year after my surgery I was still walking with a limp. I am glad to say that I am walking now like I used to. The only difference is that some of the muscles of my left leg are numb but that doesn't bother me. As long as I can do my normal walk endurance, something which I've had all my life and I valued.
The heat and humidity has been brutal this summer. Today the temperature is 97 degrees with high humidity. It is dangerous. I only go out for a short period of time to refresh the bird baths. Then I'm right back inside.

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,
I do so enjoy posting "tis-bits". Now that you have encouraged me, I will do more. They're easy and fun and . . . informative.

Ron said...

The oppressively high heat and humidity continue today. The temperature right now is 97 degrees. Tomorrow the temperature is forecast for 99 degrees. Makes one a hostage to one's air conditioned house (or "Hoose" as you Canadians say).

Ron said...

January 17th 2015 I slipped and fell on the ice as I was leaving my nighttime work shift at the hotel. I tore my left leg quadricep muscle. I had to have an operation to reattach the muscle. I had a leg brace on for twelve weeks and had to do physical therapy three times a week for three months to get my leg working again. I remember asking my orthopedic surgeon "Which is worse? A broken leg or a torn quadricep?" He said "Oh, the torn quadricep is MUCH worse because the muscle takes much longer (a year to eighteen months) to regrow once reattached." This has been quite some journey Jimmy and has given me a new appreciation for the simple task of being able to walk with two legs. I was so lucky to have Bill during my recovery because with his help I could recover at home. Otherwise I would have to live and recover at a rehab facility. I needed total care because I couldn't drive or even go to the bathroom by myself (at first, later I struggled but managed). A very interesting time of my life Jimmy. The last three years I've endured some "interesting" times (prostate cancer, kidney stones).

Ron said...

97 degrees today David and high humidity. Very, very dangerous. Be careful.