Friday, August 26, 2016

Bicycle Challenges

Hey folks! Remember when I got a bike a few months ago?  

I saw an ad by one of my neighbors who was selling his bike.  I haven't ridden a bike in over thirty years. But I yearned to ride a bike again. Of course I knew I was taking a chance, being the Old Guy that I am now.  This November I'll be 75 years of age.  No two ways about it, that's OLD.  

So it was with some trepidation that I checked out this bike for sale and decided to buy it.  

Remember the video I posted of me taking the bike for a trial run?  I was a little wobbly but I quickly balanced myself and made a successful run.  

I bought the bike and had it completely overhauled.  Then I began riding it through my development.  

I often rode my bike daily.  Occasionally I have venture out of my development and ride down Oyster Rocks Road to the Broadkill River.  Once such time my bike slipped on the gravel as I was making a turn and I fell to the ground, injuring my right leg and getting bloody scrapes on my left left, hand and arm.  The bruise on my right leg bone is still healing.  Lesson learned, I'm now more careful when I ride my bike on loose gravel.

A few days ago I took my bike out for an evening ride through my development.  I notice that I had a harder time peddling my bike.  What was happening?  Were my legs getting weaker like my friend Larry, who is experiencing that problem during his daily walk?  

I began to ride less and less.  The fun was out of riding my bike.  Then a thought occurred to me.  Were my bike tires soft? 
I checked and viola!  They were soft.  

Now to figure out how much pressure the tires should be?  How to find this out.  Life is not easy these days is it folks?  Always seems to be hurdles and obstacles for the simplest of tasks.

I figured out where to find the amount of bike tire pressure.  The amount is embedded on the tires, 40 to 60 pounds.  I asked Bill to check how much pressure my bike tires had (Bill takes care of this kind of thing around Casa Tipton-Kelly).  He checked and guess what?  My tires only had 12 pounds of pressure!  No wonder I was riding my bike like jogging through sand with combat boots (which I did when I was in the Army).  A lot of effort and not much progress and definitely not fun.  

Bill pulled out our air pump and put 60 pounds of air pressure in my bicycle tires.  I took my bike out for a spin and guess what? 
The fun is back!  

Just another day In The Life of Old Man Riding a Bike. 


pat888 said...

Ron - Yep, keep those tires full. Riding is so much easier and faster. 75 is old? I don't know - take a look at some of Ringo Starrs interviews. He's 75 but he seems just like before doing the early tours. But now with a less hectic schedule. And like Ringo - you have a young spirit which a lot of us even a little younger don't have.


Ron said...

Hey thanks Pat! Yes, I do have a young spirit. In my mind I will forever be a 24 year old. Young and dumb.

Raybeard said...

Do you, as well as Dr Spo, deliberately type 'viola' instead of....well, you know what. Is it a genuine error or is it some widely-used American word-play that I'm wasting energy on getting too fussed about?

Travel said...

I always check tires, and brakes before I start to roll. Keep on rolling,

Ur-spo said...

A metaphor for life.

Randy in NEB said...

Hi Ron, I'm glad your back to riding a bike and enjoying it. Like I my have said before you have the same exact Trek 7200 I have. The tire's PSI is between 65-85, I keep the back tire a little more because that's were the weight is, 70 in front 75-80 in the back. But that's just me, good riding to you!

Jon said...

I don't know a thing about bicycle tire pressure (I learn from your blog). All I know is that bicycles seemed a lot more simple when we were kids.

Jimmy said...

I was thinking about an adult tricycle. If I got tired from peddling I could just stop and sit. Then,I thought about a moped to zip around the neighborhood and scoot to the store. Parking is an issue in the city.

Ron said...

I like the feel of riding on a two wheeler bicycle but I do have to be careful riding that kind of bike at my age.

Ron said...

The word is pronounced "Wa-La!", the German pronunciation of pronouncing a V as a W or vice versa. The word has the same meaning as "Eureka!".

Ron said...

Good advice David!

Ron said...


Ron said...

Thanks for this advice. Also about the back tire, which I didn't know.

Ron said...

You're right, bicycles were a LOT more simple when we were kids. When my tire pressure was low I just stopped at a gas station and filled it up until the tire was tight. My bike only had one speed and my break was my foot. Today's bikes are so complicated just like life.