Thursday, August 04, 2016

New Favorite Commercial

Yep, I'm one of those weirdos who checks out all the commercials.  Most TV produced commercials are Gawd Awful and at best, bland. But every now and then one comes along that I find thoroughly enjoyable. The latest Peyton Manning commercial is one such commercial.  

I like the music ("Sunday Morning" by Lionel Ritchie).  I like Peyton, who is a natural for commercials, unlike his younger brother is isn't.

But what I really like about this commercial is the ginger boy actor who plays the checkout clerk.  He's perfect!  Now this is one commercial that they can play over and over again because it just makes me feel good to see it.

Hey folks, these days with the impending disaster of a Trump presidency, I need something to make me feel good.

Thanks ginger boy and thank you Peyton Manning for making me smile.

1 comment:

Jimmy said...

I married a ginger. The carpet matches the drapes! Although everything is turning grey/white now (sigh). His beard is also getting a little muddy looking. But, I'll keep him.