Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Bill Gets an Eye Exam

Yesterday I took Bill to the Delaware Eye Institute for an eye examination. 

Regular readers of this blog will remember that Bill failed his eye test for his driver's license renewal.  The DMV gave him a form to have his eye doctor fill out to verify that he could see well enough to drive.

Bill hasn't had his eyes examined for I don't know how many years. The last time he had his eye examined was at the VA (Veterans' Administration Medical Facility) in Dover. Bill's medical coverage is totally through the VA. Has been that way for many years.  Treatment at the VA is good but sometimes it takes quite awhile to have action taken.  So I told Bill that we'll just pay for his eye exam ourselves at a local eye doctor.

We thought it would be a routine exam yesterday. Turns out that Bill has cataracts and has to have them removed before he can get approval from an eye doctor to get his license back.

I called the VA to see if they would cover that expense but I'm not holding out a lot of hope that will happen. We'll bit the bullet and cover the expense ourselves.  Getting Bill his eyes back is more important than the dollars we will have to put out to have it done.  His first appointment is scheduled for September 13 for a consult. 

We're going to get this done and get Bill's license back. Just another hurdle to overcome in this thing called Life. 

That's Bill in the banner photo to the left with the red folder under his chin.


Anonymous said...

There's good news. Gone is the day of "Coke bottle" cataract glasses. Now, cataracts offer an opportunity to enjoy excellent vision while remaining handsome.

More good news, cataract surgery is covered by Medicare. The procedure involves not only removing the original lens that has turned cloudy and is now considered the cataract, it also includes replacing it with an artificial intraocular lens, refracted as necessary, and if indicated an additional procedure to reduce astigmatism. The surgery is conducted with a one month interval between the procedure for the two eyes. The result is miraculously good vision. I would expect Bill to be able to drive without corrective external lenses (spectacles or contacts).

Finally, even though Bill has relied on the VA for his healthcare, now that he's your legal spouse, you could get him added to your health insurance, which might pay the balance due after Medicare payment. You might want to get him covered by your policy before having the surgery.

Bob in Cincinnati

Ur-spo said...

In med school I memorized the eye chart. This postponed me getting glasses for years.

Ron said...

You rascal you!

Ron said...

Good advice. Thanks!

nitewrit said...


Getting the cataracts removed will make a world of difference for Bill, and it is pretty quick and painless these days. Boy, when I got mine done what a difference, especially with colors.


Travel said...

I was going to suggest Medicare, if he is covered, Medicare will pay much of the cost (certainly not all of it.) If he does not qualify for Medicare based on employment in covered work, he may qualify as your spouse (open enrollment is once per year.) It would open more doors, and maybe bypass the long waits of the underfunded VA system. When the Naval Training center in Orlando was closing in the early 90's, it had a relatively new hospital. Someone suggested making it a VA Hospital, and the answer was we don't need it, the Vets are dying off and we will be closing VA facilities not opening them over the next 30 years. There is a new billion-dollar VA hospital in Orlando today. The Hospital at the former Navy based was torn down.

Jimmy said...

My husband has had both eyes done and he is in his fifties. And, he waited way too long to the last one done. His depth perception was scary when he drove. I was always 'pushing on the brake' from the passenger side.