Sunday, April 17, 2016


Yesterday I got a bid from a local contractor to replace my shed roof tiles, which have been leaking.

For the past week Bill has been trying to repair a leak in his downstairs toilet.  This morning he will make his third return trip to Lowe's to return parts that are not working.

For two weeks, every day that it is not raining I poke out the tent caterpillars' tents they are building in my wild cherry tree.

I just taped up the entrances to my Purple Martin house after a determined starling made it's fifth nest.  Said starling is now trying to figure out how to get in that hole to her nest.  

Yesterday I spent about two hours raking grass from our abundant spring rain fed luxurious green .98 acres of lawn.  My back is killing me.

I have yet to spread the mulch I had delivered three weeks ago.

My project to transfer old VHS tapes to DVD has stalled, probably until fall when the cold weather descends again, forcing me inside the house.

I have to wash my car.

Tomorrow I see my doctor to arrange for my once every five year colonoscopy. Oh joy.  Five years already?

I am so far behind in my blog reading, especially of my favorite bloggers Dr. Spo, Jon, Travel Penguin, and Lar.  

Am I complaining?  Ranting? Venting? 

I don't know folks.  Tell you what though, this is what I do know.  

I continue to enjoy some of my favorite activities and pastimes. 

I read two books at one time.  One in my bathroom library and one when I go to bed.  Presently my bathroom reading is a biography of Louis lV, the Sun King by Antonio Fraser. My bedroom reading (I just completed "The Royals" by Kitty Kelly) is now "Nancy", a biography of Nancy Reagan.  Oh no, I don't read Dostoyevsky. Tried reading "The Idiot" when I was in high school.  My head still hurts from trying to understand that book.  No imperious scholar here folks.  Just good old fashion juicy tidbits of gossip reading for  your favorite blogger.

So how to I keep my sanity folks?  I look out my bedroom window like I did this morning where I can watch the robins bathing (and pooping) my the birdbaths I have provided them in my oval planter right outside my bedroom window.

I listen to the Internet radio station "Antiques Beat" on my Bose radio while I write this blog and play online Scrabble (via Facebook).  By the way, anyone who wants to play online Scrabble with me, let me know! Warning though, if you don't make your moves in the allowed time I do force forfeit.  I am a fierce competitor.

Okay, this meandering blog post is long enough.  Tell you what, take some time out to listen to one of my favorite "Antiques Beat" musical selections. 


  1. Your busy day sounds sort of pleasant in your industry and tidy up. I hope you get an immense satisfaction to all you accomplish.

  2. Leaks, clogs, agitations mechanical and landscapical seem to abound this time of year and get right into my nerves too. But your coping skills are admirable and it gives me comfort and hope just to read about them. I declare you my hero today, Ron.

    1. Thank you George! Much appreciated.

  3. I think you're doing all the right things, Ron. There are lots of ways to spend our time other than blogging. And - as I always say - there isn't nearly enough time in a day to do them all. It takes some really skillful juggling to successfully balance the time for all our pursuits.

    I have seriously considered abandoning my blog. I mostly blog to entertain myself and assure myself that I'm still alive. I don't have nearly the large amount of readers and/or "followers" that I once had long ago, and - ironically, I now have a much better blog. I know of many really crappy/boring blogs that attract an enormous amount of readers - and I can't figure out why.

    One thing for sure - you and I are open and honest (not to mention verbose) and some people just can't handle it. And we're never boring....
    My critics say I'm too self-absorbed. Well, hell, if I don't blow my own horn, nobody else will do it for me (absolutely nothing sexual intended here.....).

    1. Jon,
      Never abandon your blog! You have too many admirers. You're one of the few true and honest voices out there in the blogger world. While we don't agree on some thing (politics - smile), I recognize that you have a true heart. And you're very talented and a damn good writer.

  4. It is better to be busy, than to be bored. I'd sooner wear out, than rust out. I seldom read fiction, since Kindle came into my life I usually only have 1 or 2 books going at once. I just finished Anderson Cooper and Gloria Vanderbilt's new bio, and started a travel narrative about 30 days in northern Italy (background reading for our grand adventure this year.)

    1. David,
      I never read fiction. Real life is so much more interesting than made up stories.

  5. Ron - sometimes I find I drift from routine just because more interesting or important stuff comes up. Maybe moreso in the spring. Like your shed roof, cutting grass. So the routine changes. And I, too, never read any Dostoevsky - altho it's a notable book. I remember having to read in school, a book by the Father of the Modern Novel - Heart of Darkness. And for me it was like walking thru mud. It might be different now - but too many other good things to read. Well I simply just rambled on your blog today.


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