Friday, April 22, 2016

Have A Great Day!

Robin in my wild cherry tree - I got rid of the tent caterpillars with his/her help!

With the beautiful spring weather we're enjoying here I just can't seem to get it together to post a proper blog entry.  Not that I don't have a lot to post about.  

I had a couple good rants to post.  One being trying to sign on to Bill's former employer's website.  They say he doesn't exist.  Well, he does and I proved it to them by producing a letter head from them with his employee number.  They're "working" on it.  Sure.  

Just yesterday a flap occurred here in our lovely homeowner's development.  At our last homeowner's meeting I suggested that we informed the homeowners not to park on the street at night.  Last month I almost ran into one of these miscreant cars whilst returning from my 3 to 11 PM hotel shift.  Last week a sign appeared at the entrance to our development that said:

Our sign was actually more tasteful.  I would have taken a picture of it but it was taken down after the first threat by a self involved homeowner.

Omigod!  The feathers that got ruffled by that sign. Last night I was reading the stream of invectives from some homeowners, who by the way never deign to actually attend the meetings, that said:

"That sign is tacky!" (actually it wasn't, it was very professional)

"Did a quorum vote on it?"  (actually we can never get a quorum vote because people like them never attend the homeowner's meeting)

Then came the threats and intimidation. 

"You could get in trouble by not following the rules set, etc."  

Oh yeah, whoever put the sign up (and it was one I suggested) could face fines and a jail term.  


Well folks, as you can see I have slipped right into a rant whereas I just mean to highlight the happenings around here.  

Change of tune (so to speak).

What's with the wall to wall coverage of the death of Prince?  What am I missing here?  He's getting more coverage than Princess Di. Sure, he was very talented and a musical genius (some say) but wall to wall coverage? 


Please, tell me what I'm missing.

Then to top everything else off, yesterday our garbage disposal spring a leak.  Heck, I hardly use it.  Must be one of those MADE IN CHINA cheapies that Ryan homes installed when this house was built ten years ago.  Just last year we replaced the HVAC system (to the tune of $10,000).  Now THIS.  Bill's installing a new one now.  Maybe this one will last us until our demise. Hopefully.  We lived in our Pennsylvania house twenty five years and didn't have anything fail us like we're having here.  Sometimes it seems like a race as to what is going to fail first, us or the house and what runs it.

One good piece of news, in a week my Travel Buddy Pat From Toronto is making his quarterly visit to the US (actually I visit him at the end of August in Toronto so it's not quite a quarterly visit for him).  Pat will be here for a few days and then we'll spend a week in our favorite town, Philadelphia, PA.  It'll be refreshing to get away from the daily frustrations here, that's for sure.

Me and Travel Buddy (Pat) in Philly (on Broad Street) this past November -The Intrepid Duo

Have a great day!


  1. Wow, Ron, you've covered a lot - - I don't know where to begin. I love the robin in the tree. Every time I try to take a photo of a bird here in TN it's unsuccessful. Your feathered friends must be more tame than mine.

    When I had a Facebook account, they decided that I didn't really exist. I was denied access to my account because the Facebook Bigwigs questioned my "authenticity". They thought I was a FAKE!!
    Holy Crap, I might be annoying and enigmatic, and irresistibly unusual - - but I'm sure as hell not fake!!!

    Hey, now all your neighborhood needs is a "No Parking During Daylight Hours" sign. That'll really drive everybody nuts.

    I honestly didn't know that Prince was still alive!! I thought he died years ago. Another mediocre talent that has risen to legendry status due to croaking. Obama was quick to give a "memorial" speech. Only because Prince was black and not a "whitey"....

  2. Jon,
    My stream of consciousness style of writing which I just looked up the definition which fits me perfectly: "also known as interior monologue, is a narrative mode of device that depicts the multitudinous thoughts and feelings which pass through the mind."
    Lately, since I've been playing online (Scrabble), which I find very relaxing, I haven't devoted as much time or thought to my blog posts. But I don't want to give up my blogging so I just post what is rolling through my brain at that given moment.
    I have two Facebook accounts, one of which I can't rid of. I don't know how I got it, probably by signing on in error many years ago. I just neglect the other one, such like a shriveled up twin in the womb.
    I used to live near a homeowners association what didn't even allow cars to be parked int he driveway! This is all a moot point here since someone took down the sign.
    Still, the TV coverage is all about Prince. Give me a break. Enough already.

  3. People can't park in their garages, because the garage is packed with junk they can't sell for $500 at a garage sale, while $75,000 worth of cars sit outside in the weather. I built a job one time that had a deed restriction that cars had to be parked inside of the garages, no outside overnight parking of anything, and garage doors could only remain open for 4 hours. We sold all 120 homes in that one.

    1. David,
      Again you're right on the mark. We have the same thing here in our development. Cars permanently parked in the driveway because they can't get their cars in their THREE CAR GARAGE. We always park our car in the garage. It's ironic that the people who want to park their cars in the road say the sign is "tacky." By the way, the complainer took it upon himself to remove the sign, without HOA approval. Totally arrogant.

  4. I can only imagine all the bother at a HOA meeting. Count me out.

    1. The HOA meetings are a bother for sure. And they're always asking for more board members. Can you imagine having that grief?


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