Saturday, April 09, 2016

Good Commercials - Bad Commercials

I hate commercials.  Ads and commercials are the ban of my life. 

I've cancelled magazine subscriptions because of the obscene overload of ads (Vanity Fair). 

I DVR almost all of my TV shows so I can fast forward through commercials. 

Every year there is one commercials that particularly grates on me.  A commercial that make my blood boil because of the phoniness of it.  One such commercial is the one at the beginning of this blog.  It is a commercial for Ameriprise Financial.  

The first time I heard it, with the Rod McKuen voiced singer, I hated it.  

Then I looked at the images of the commercial.  All phony crapola.  

I looked up the name of the singer (on my Shazam app on my trusty iPhone) and came up with someone I never heard of: "Jake Reese."  

I did a little more research and not surprisingly I find that "Jake Reese" is a phony.  His real name is  "Jaap Reesma" and he is from The Netherlands.  Not that there is anything wrong with being Dutch and having that unusual name but come one, "Jake Reese"?  He's phony and he sings a phony song.

"I've been a poor man, I've been a king."  Oh no you haven't. I revile everything about this man, his music and the images in the commercial.  Every time the commercial comes on I lunge for my remote control to press the mute button or fast forward. 


Now, recently another financial company, Chase Bank started to run a commercial.  Now this commercial I love.  I LOVE THIS COMMERCIAL.

Check it out.  Watching and listening to this commercial makes you feel good and there is nothing phony about it.  To me the message in this commercial is going all the way for your daughter.  The music background is perfect. 

"What a Man."  Indeed, what a man and what a commercial. There is more quality acting and more said in this one minute commercial than many two hour movies.  

Can I hear an "Amen"?


  1. no commercials for me either, thank you. Or TV for that matter.

    1. Dr. Spo,
      I don't watch much TV, only MSNBC and "Judge Judy. Following politics and stupid people.

  2. Ron...I follow your blog daily....I like your posts/rants and what not...I usually don't respond to posts....But I LOVE COMMERCIALS if they are done right...I have seen both commercials...The first-I might have to give the song a second listen...What I want to point out is have you notice more and more commercials are being aired for folks to give up their money-invest...I read an article somewhere down the line that the rate of return for these financial companies are small...Meaning a lot of commercials and not of a lot of folks taking the bait...Someone prove me right...I hate these type of commercials...I don't need anyone reminding me that I will have to work until I am 75...The second commercial is playing in my area but I have never seen the full/extended commercial...I never saw the part of him putting on the tights, heels, the wife in the backyard at the end...A father would do anything for his little girl...That is what I like...Keep up the good work of the blog...Love your travels...Take care of Bill...PS-Love Philly as well....xo

    1. AlexandriaVic,
      Hey thanks AlexandriaVic! New readers always welcome! Yes, I have noticed that more commercials are aimed at people giving up their money to the professional investors. Must be a lucrative field. During my adult working years, I worked as an operations mangers (back office operations) for a bank and the investment folks. I know how it works. They don't know any more than the average investor. It's all a crap shoot except for the commission the professional investor takes off the top of your money.
      The last commercial, with the dad in drag, it says so much with just the looks of the dad hesitating going into his daughter's birthday party and the momentary stunned look the kids and his wife has when he flings open the doors to her birthday party. A very well done commercial that also sends a message that cross dressing isn't always the evil it is sometimes portrayed to be.

  3. Ron,

    I do as you, record shows I like and watch them on my own time and then fast forward through the ads. However, there are a number of ads I like better than a lot of the shows. There are worse ads than the one you hate. What I have noticed is how the Baby Boomers, despite all the lip attention giving to millennials, are still driving things. The ads are becoming more and more for old age stuff, retirement homes, joint replacements, all kinds of pills for all kinds of ailments, chairs to carry you upstairs, walk-in bathtubs and also a bunch of ads for lawyers telling you to strike it rich by seeing the doctors and manufacturers of the old age aids you are being sold.


    1. Lar,
      You're so right about all those commercials about "old age stuff" and the law firms wanting you to join class action suits for drugs gone bad. Of course the shows we watch, "The Price is Right" and "Judge Judy"; I guess we are the audience the advertisers are pitching too.


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