Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Primary Day!

Me at Sandy Hill Greenhouse this morning after voting, the fist of my many visits this season. Favorite time of year folks!

For the first time in years, maybe decades, the presidential primary matters in the northeastern states.

For most of my adult life I was a registered Republican and lived in Pennsylvania, which has a closed primary (can only vote for the party in which you're registered).  

I've always voted.  

My first vote was in 1964 when I voted for Barry Goldwater.  

This year I voted for Hillary Clinton. 

Ah yes, the Evolution of Ron.  

I always feel good when I vote.  I take seriously my right to vote.

My polling location is the local high school.  Yes, class was in session.  So I waited until the kiddies were settled in school until I got in my red Subaru and drove down Route One to Cape Henlopen High School.

Just me and the old folks this morning voting.  Oh wait, there was one young woman who voted before me, for whom I held the door to the high school.  

I didn't have to wait too long.  I did have to show my identification (driver's license).  

I always worry they won't find my name on the rolls.  No need to worry this morning, there it was, my name.  

I signed in and was directed towards the voting booth.  

As the curtain closed I saw my choices.

Hillary Clinton
Bernie Sanders
Roque De La Fuente

"Rogue De La Fuente"?  

What?  Where was Christine "I Am Not a Witch" O'Donnell? Ah, how fleeting is fame.

After voting I headed to one of favorite nurseries, Sandy Hill greenhouse.  Spring is in bloom and I'm feeling good!


  1. It is going to be an interesting election. I had never heard of Roque De La Fuente https://www.rocky2016.com/ , must not be too hard to get on the ballot in Delaware

    1. David,
      Yes, it is VERY easy to get on the ballot in Delaware. I could get on the ballot.


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