Thursday, September 19, 2013

Here We Go Again

Me and my brother John in front of Aunt Mary's bathroom - 1948

Just got off the phone with the Bayhealth Medical Center in Milford.  I'm to be at the admissions desk at 8:30 am tomorrow morning.  Here we go again.

Milford Hospital, Milford Delaware

Just to refresh your memory, I am scheduled for  something called extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy which is a technique that uses sound waves (ultra sound) to break up simple stones in the kidney or upper urinary tract.  "Exracorporeal" means "outside the body," and "lithotripsy" means stone-breaking.  I have two .6 millimeter kidney stones lodged above my right kidney.  Hopefully this treatment tomorrow will break up those stones so I can pass them without the pain and trauma that I recent went through passing a .5 mm kidney stone from my left kidney and a .6 mm kidney stone which I had to have surgery to remove on September 3rd.

Folks, this has been some year for me and medical procedures.  First it was being diagnosed with prostate cancer then the procedure to have radioactive seeds implanted in me.  And then the past three weeks, three visits to the emergency room within ten days, the final one resulting in a two day stay in the hospital and surgery to remove a kidney stone that was stuck in my ureter canal.

All told this year I've under went anesthesia five times, which is five times more than I've been under since I was 17 years old
when I had a hernia operation which I acquired a staph infection.  That nightmare scenario resulted in a total of three operations and weeks in the hospital.  All the years since, including the years at the banks where I worked (37 years), never once did I see a doctor.  Now I'm making up for lost time.

So tomorrow I again undergo anesthesia.  Sort of getting used to this folks.  One of my main concerns now is that I have a proper bowel movement before I go under.  When I awoke from my last surgery I did leave a "deposit" on my gurney (TMI?)  Ah well, it is what it is.  I was so pumped up with painkillers I couldn't have a proper movement.  Apparently the anesthesia "relaxed" me.  Yep, that's one of my concerns now.

Of course I also have a concern that I may not come out of anesthesia.  Every time I know I'm going under I think of Kanye West's mom who was undergoing anesthesia for plastic surgery and didn't come out.  Yep folks, I think about things like this.  So if this is my last blog post, nice knowing you.  If not, then I'll be back!  Hopefully minus a couple of kidney stones.

Note:  So what does the header picture have to do with this blog post?  Actually nothing other than it is of my and my youngest brother John.  We were visiting our Aunt Mary at her home in Towerville, PA in 1948.  Aunt Mary's house didn't have electricity, running water or indoor plumbing.  Somethings you never forget.  I've always remembered how icky that one seater outhouse was.  Even then I was much too refined to relieve my self in such a manner.  Not much has changed.

Me at work (with a proper bathroom)


anne marie in philly said...

oh, you'll be back, I JUST KNOW IT! :)

Ron said...

I hope so Anne Marie, I hope so. I have a feeling I'm undergoing one too many procedures now. I'm tempting fate.


Jon said...

First of all, I really like the header photo with the outhouse. Second, I always enjoy your blog posts so much because you always have so many of the same thoughts that I do. I have no doubt that you'll get through the procedure tomorrow with flying colors and you'll finally win this battle with the kidney stone.

By the way, I love the cat card. I laughed when I saw it because several of those cats look exactly like the ones residing in my back yard. Thanks!

Jack said...


Of course you'll be back. There are too many things left for you to do and what would Bill do without you? Re: the outdoor facilities. Somehow those are just one of the things that leave a lasting impression on a young mind. They all smell the same, they're all nasty and the "newer" outdoor facilities ie. porta-johns are not any better, just chemicals replacing the old nasty smell with a more up to date nasty smell. I refuse to use them unless I am truly desperate.

Good thoughts to you for tomorrow.


Ron said...


I've had that cat card for 34 years. I knew the day would come when I would find the right occasion to use it. I thought of you immediately when I came across it. I'm glad you liked it.

I'm not feeling good about this procedure tomorrow but I hope I'm wrong.


Ron said...


Thanks for your confidence and good wishes about my procedure tomorrow. I just have a funny feeling but I hope I'm wrong and tomorrow I can laugh about this.


Ur-spo said...

you are getting your share of the medical adventures. poor fellow.

Amanda said...

Sending good wishes your way Ron!

Ron said...

Tell me about it. Damn.

Ron said...

Thank you Nadege. Waiting now for the procedure.

pat888 said...


It's now after 1 pm. I imagine you are recuperating once more in a hospital bed with Bill at your side. May you never have to return to a hospital for many years to come. Hope you get back soon to the comfort of your home.


Ron said...


I second that wish. I've had enough of hospitals. However, I think doctors' visits are in my future forever. A fact of life when you're my age.


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