Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Me and Wayne De'Cajun practicing our "ARRRGHS" on the Kalmar Nyckel (one of the requirements before we set sail)

That was me and Wayne De'Cajun the past ten days.  Oh man, little did we know that shortly after we took out little jaunt on the Kalmar Nyckel on that beautiful, sunny August 20th.  Just a week later both of us were admitted to Beebe Hospital.  Wayne was dangerously anemic and I was going down with a .6mm kidney stone.  Yep, this is the way both of probably looked upon entering the emergency room of Beebe Hospital.  "ARRRRGH!"

Wayne and Pat waiting to board the Kalmar Nyckel

Today I'm happy to say we're both in the recovery mode (thank God!)  Wayne has all new blood flowing through his supple limbs (you're welcome Wayne).  My .6mm kidney stone was blasted to smithereens last Wednesday by laser during a very invasive emergency operation (think about it, I won't explain the details).  

Me, Mary Hudson (one half of the first married same sex couple in Delaware) and Wayne

We're both slowly regaining our strength.  Wayne's already been back to work.  I return this Thursday night, then Friday then Saturday night.  That regimen should put be right back in the saddle from which I fell two weeks ago.  It will be good to get back to work, I miss it (did I just say what I think I just said)?

Wayne and Pat headed towards the Kalmar Nyckel

I have many nice pictures that I took during our trip around the Delaware Bay braying "ARRRGH!" at fellow crew members and passerby's. I'm just sorting through them now.  I didn't have a chance during my horrific kidney stone episode.  Somehow that drama took all of my attention (tell me about it).  

Wayne getting ready to board the Kalmar Nyckel
We all had a wonderful time on the Kalmar but I did get a bit seasick.  Funny thing that, I never get seasick.  I suspect my nauseousness was a precursor to me passing my kidney stone.  Remember, I passed one shortly thereafter but had to go back to the hospital emergency room twice because the other kidney stone was stuck.  I don't blame anyone for finding this confusing, I'm not absolutely straight on the timeline myself.  Oh well, next Friday my remaining kidney stone babies will be history, also smashed to smithereens. 

Wayne with his wench on the Kalmar.  I always suspected Wayne was STRAIGHT!  And here he had us fooled all these years just because he wanted to work in Rehoboth. Wayne, straight people can work in Rehoboth too.  Just saying.
So the next two days Wayne and I have OFF!  I don't have any doctors' appointments scheduled.  Thursday morning I do have to get my blood work at the VA Outpatient clinic in Georgetown prior to my "bath" next week.  Other than that, I'm clear sailing until next Friday.  Hallelujah! 

Here's a taste of the ride folks.  Enjoy!


Jon said...

I can certainly sense that you're finally getting back to your old self ("old" is only a figure of speech.....).
I would much rather see you going on trips aboard the Kalmar Nyckel than trips to the Emergency Room.
Great photos, as always.

pat888 said...

Ron - you crack me up!

Two photos with captions in particular. One of you and Wayne with "Yep, this is the way both of us probably looked upon entering the emergency room of Beebe Hospital. ARRRRGH! And the other of Wayne sitting "with his wench". You seem to take us to highs and lows so easily. Love it!


anne marie in philly said...

arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh! live it up, boyz, cause ya never know what's gonna happen tomorrow. GREAT PIX of you and the cajun and pat!

Ron said...


Most definitely I am getting back to my old self. Now to get rid of these remaining kidney stones (which will take place on the 20th) and this stent which makes me feel like I have to pee all the time. Some year this has been.

Always good to hear from you Jon.


Ron said...


Life is a series of high's and lows. Got to roll with the punches.


Ron said...

Anne Marie,

We're doing everything we can to live it up these days. Never know when the musical chairs wills stop and our chair won't be there.


Randy in NEB said...

Ron, I'm glad you three guys had a delightful time. On the trip did you get to see anyone walk the plank? I had the chance to set sail on a ship about like that when I was in Hawai'i. Being from Nebraska it's always a rare treat to set sail. The Kalmar Nyckel isn't open this April is it? It would be fun just to look around. Oh and Arrrrrrgh! Randy.

the cajun said...

My dear, your captions are funny and the pictures are a delight. Tell me (since I am going to 'borrow it' for my blog anyway, with what did you shoot that very sharp, very steady video??? From the video it looks like buddy Pat and I have a plan to foil any plot bad guys may have to board the vessel. AARRRRGH! Looking back, it really was the most beautiful day of the entire month of August.

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