Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Tipton Family Reunion 2013

Hey folks, it's that time again.  Time for the bi-annual Tipton Family reunion.  My, how fast time flies by.

This year as in 2011, 2010 and 1997 the reunion will be held at the East Brandywine Community Park in Guthriesville, Pennsylvania on Sunday, October 6th from 12 to 5 pm.  And, as always I guarantee PERFECT weather (crossing my fingers and toes - so far I've been right)!

However, this year we will be at the Tara Pavilion which is far away from the sports playing fields.  Remember in 2011, when we had the reunion at a different pavilion which was too close to the sports playing fields, interfering with the dads watching their kids play ball.  The Tara Pavilion is located at the far end of the park.

The Tara pavilion at the 1997 Tipton Family Reunion
Cousin Jeff talking to Uncle Ed and cousin Charles Tipton (all gone now) - 1997
Cousin John Tipton's family - that little girl in the stroller is a grown up beauty now - 1997
This year's reunion will be catered by cousin Richard R.D. Tipton at $10 per adult (no charge for children).  Barbecue pork, fried chicken, try-color salad, Amish tomato and cucumber salad and other goodies.

The Tipton Family Reunion is an old tradition.  All of us are descendants of Fieldon and Hester Tipton (my grandparents who I never met by the way). 
Fieldon and Hester (Lewis) Tipton on their wedding day July 18, 1908
Fieldon and Hester were born in the hills of western North Carolina (yes, that would be hillbilly county - I am a descendant of hillbillies which should explain a lot about me).  They moved to Pennsylvania in 1929 with their nine sons to escape the collapse of the sawmill business and starvation of their family.  My grandfather and his nine sons work as tenant farm laborers on his brother-in-law Don Byrd's farm in southern Chester County.  Two more sons were born in Pennsylvania making for eleven sons (no daughters) for Fieldon and Hester.

My father (Isaac - tall man on the right in back) and his ten brothers at the Tipton Family Reunion 1960
All of the sons eventually married and produced my thirty-six first cousins who descendants now attend the current reunions.

The "Tipton Women" at the 1960 reunion
My Uncle Raymond Tipton was the oldest son of Fieldon and Hester Tipton.  He is the man pictured in the middle of the photo below with his wife Katy.  Their great grandson Richard "R.D." Tipton is catering this year's reunion (at $10 per adult - no charge for children).  The man to the left is my Uncle John Henry Tipton, second oldest son of Fieldon and Hester.

Henry, Ray and Katy Tipton 1958
After 1960 there was a long pause in the Tipton Family reunions until cousin Joy and her three sisters Rita, Darlene and Donna (all daughters of Uncle Luther "Dude" Tipton and his wife Jean) took up the cause and held one in 1994.  I've since picked up the Tipton banner, which was made my cousin John Tipton's sign business.  We Tiptons are a talented bunch.

My Uncle Sam (far left big overhauls), Brude (white cap) and Tip (far right kneeling with dog) at the old Baker Place - Same and Bruce were the last two Tipton boys - both born in Pennsylvania
From left: Donna, Joy, Rita and Darlene - "Dude's Girls" who restarted the reunions (much later of course than when this picture was taken)
Darlene and Rita with my brother Isaac at the 2011 Tipton Family reunion (great photo my Mark!)
The Louise Tipton White Family - 2011
Many new member of the Tipton family every year!  Below was the newest in 2011.  Grandmother Rita (on the right) holds her new grandson Chip Christy while Cousin Barbara Tipton Keehn admires.

Cousin Barbara Tipton admires her new cousin, "Chip" Christy who is held by his grandmother Rita Tipton Buxbaum.  Another fabulous photo by Mark!

Emerson and Ethan Brandt, grandchildren of Barbara Tipton Keehn (above).  And yes, another great photo by Mark.

Me greeting my cousin Tom Tipton.  His son Tom, Jr. is to my right.  I have to wear a different shirt other than my favorite red checked shirt to this year's reunion.  I'm glad I'm posting these photos to remind me.  Damn.

Cousin Beth White Fisher having a good laugh (I hope it wasn't about me).  Folks, this is what reunions are all about, friends and family getting together to share good times.  All too soon they're gone.  Live for now.


Remembering Grace said...

Wow, that's really nice that you all get together like is important. Great pictures!

Ron said...


I love getting together with family and creating new photo memories and meeting the newest members of the family. I just wish I had done this more often in the past.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Our family NEVER had reunions like this. One I remember on dad's side, and one on mom's. Our family, extended and all isn't very big, so I guess we settled for holiday gatherings.

This is very special, I'm sure, for all of you! HOORAY!

Peace <3

Ron said...


We actually have a much larger family. I'm hoping more can come this year. Now if I can just get my two brothers and their families to come.


pat888 said...


The only family reunions our family has had are weddings and funerals. And now mostly funerals - tho not that many. You are an historian to be sure. And you are capturing many happy moments for family and friends now - and plenty more for so many down the road. Ron you are truly gifted in so many ways and generous to a fault. And that's why we love you.


Ron said...


That's why I revived the family reunions, it seemed like the only time our family got together were at funerals. I especially wanted to have an opportunity to record memories by photos which was awkward to do at funerals. The reunions have been very successful. I hope someone keeps them up long after I'm gone.

Thank you for your very generous compliment.


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