Monday, September 16, 2013

"Pop" Revisted (Again)

Chad and Pop exchanging kissies

Back in my Previous Life, when I was working full-time, commuting two hours a day to my job in Philadelphia, I thought "When I retire I'm going to get all my photos in order."  HA!

I've been "retired" (if you can count working two days a week at the hotel and filling in when needed as "retired") and I'm no further along in putting my photos in order than I was ten years ago.  And the years keep flying by.

In fact, I keep adding to my photo library by taking seemingly endless digital photos with my iPhone and Canon SLR camera.  Ron, what were you thinking?  You know what folks?  I'm just never going to get caught up.  Ain't going to happen.

So here's what I propose to do folks.  When I come across photos like the one above, I'll post them to at least get some on the record before I pass.  

The photo above is of my father (called "Pop") and his dog Chad.  Chad was a rescue dog who LOVED Pop as Pop loved him.  In fact Pop loved that damn dog more than he loved his own sons but that's another whole story which we don't need to get into on this beautiful September morning.  

My father, the man who I resemble both physically and in mannerisms - I was never quite able to figure him out
My father had three sons, of which I am the oldest.  I have two younger brothers. I think he liked us even though he often said "I got the dumbest bunch of kids in the world."  That was our "Pop".

We tried, we really did.


Anonymous said...

Chad is one really cute dog. Just the right size. Was he a
car dog? I can picture your Pop taking Chad out in the car
for a ride. Just the two of them. He could "talk" to the dog
but no one else, I guess.
Stuart in FL

pat888 said...


Interesting - my dad used to smoke a pipe too. Guess it was the times. There was no interaction with my father, at least with me - and I'm sure he had tons of personal problems due to his drinking habit which took his life at an early age. Photos show you, your brothers, and Pop sitting around together - but I don't know what the dynamics might have been like. All in all it looks like we turned out to be pretty decent human beings in the end anyway, nest-ce pas?

Ron said...


Chad wasn't a car dog. Some are, some aren't. He loved my father though as my father loved him. Chad barked a lot, I think that's why he was turned into the SPCA. My father rescued him. They were a good match.


Ron said...


We did all turn out all right. No permanent damage because of the lack of interaction with my father. I hear these stories of dads attending their kids games, graduations, et al. No such thing ever happened to me. He never attended anything I did. Maybe I've been seeking approval all these years. My Mom did tell me once he was proud of me but he never told me. I wonder if that would have made a difference in my life. One of many unanswered questions. But as my Mother said once (and shocked me) "I'm glad none of my boys ever ended up in prison." SAY WHAT?


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