Wednesday, September 11, 2013

"Let's Think About Living"

My friend Pat sent me this link to the song "Let's Think About Living."  They lyrics to this song are so appropriate for me at this time of my life.

Earlier this evening I was talking to Bill about all I've been through this year health wise.  First the biopsy for prostate cancer.  Then the news that I had prostate cancer.  Then the procedure to measure my prostate glad prior to surgery.  Then the surgery.  

Then just the past two weeks, three visits to the emergency room for kidney stone.  Passed one and had surgery to remove the other stone, requiring a two night hospital stay.  Then the stent that I'm wearing now in preparation for surgery next week to remove my remaining two kidney stones.  

You know folks, things that used to get me riled up like the current political debates.  The rudeness of the annual onslaught of drivers to our fair resort destination.  The never ending worry about the increase of prices of just about everything except my retirement income.  All that "stuff."  After the events of this past year, which isn't over yet, I'm just concentrating on living folks. 

There are a few things that give me great pleasure.  Blogging and my blogger friends are one.  My gardening and back yard are another.  Living everyday with Bill and making him happy is another.  

My part time job at the hotel where I get a chance to meet and sometimes joust with the guests (over rates) is another.  

And then there are the few special friends I have in life which I share my hopes, rants, raves and just nothing like Larry, my old high school friend.  Bill B., another old high school friend.  My friend Tom J. from my Philadelphia work days. My wonderful neighbors Bob and Barbara M. whom Bill and I visit often.  I cannot stress how important it is to have wonderful neighbors.  I know, because we have had the Neighbors From Hell.  

Me with Larry, my friend of 62 years

Me and my friend Tom J. last month during his annual visit to Delaware

And now I've made a new friend with my friend from Canada who I am sharing more of my life with.  As I mentioned in my previous blog posting Pat brings out the best in me.  Thank you Pat, I am so thankful and appreciative you have entered my life at this time.  I'm not a religious person but sometimes I am tempted to believe Someone is watching over me.  To save me from myself.

The big Plus in my life now - my friend Pat

After witnessing the near war that almost began this week just because of some hateful people in the Middle East, I realize even more today how important just living is.

All my life I have known the threat of total annihilation.  First during the Fifties and the atomic bomb.  I remember in school we were told to "duck under our desks" if an atom bomb was dropped.  The old "duck and cover" lie. Even at eight years old I knew that was ridiculous.  

Then there was the Cuban Missile Crises.  That one almost blew us off the planet.  

Then Vietnam.  Then Iraq.  Always a war, always hate and destruction.  Sometimes it is overwhelming just to think about how quickly and violently one could die just because some testosterone laden madman wanted to rattle his saber.  

Then these ailments that began to hit me as I aged.  Folks, I am just tired.  So tired.  I'm tired of fighting things I can't change.  My health will eventually deteriorate and I can't stop evil. But I can be happy.  I can find happiness in every small corner.  And I will.

Applying for my marriage license

I've noticed a changed in my attitude the past few months after going through my personal health challenges.   I'm going to concentrate on living.  I'm going to concentrate on my friends, my family (I have a family reunion coming up October 6th which I am planning) and those who I love (they know who they are).  

My brother Isaac and our two cousins Darlene and Rita at the last family reunion - smiles and love
From this day onward you will notice a new Ron.  I'm going to concentrate on loving.

A brand new me in my backyard


Ur-spo said...

Time to play "I'm Still Here' from Follies by Sondheim.

WARPed said...

Glad your health travails are mostly behind you, Ron.

Great pic of you and Pat at the resturant...I'll have what you guys are having!



Ron said...


Ron said...


Great comment! We were having each other. Pat is wonderful company.


Bob said...

Since I'm always up for a showtune:

♫♪ I've run the gamut, A to Z
Three cheers and dammit, C'est la vie
I got through all of last year, and I'm here
Lord knows, at least I was there, and I'm here
Look who's here, I'm still here ♪♫

As my father always says when someone complains about their lives: Think about the alternative.

pat888 said...


You've you've got terrific friends. And that speaks so much about you. Long enduring friendships - I think you are a gardener of friendships.


Ron said...


You are one of those rare individuals who bring out the best in people. Thank you for choosing me as your friend. I will be forever grateful to you.


Ron said...


Always up for a show tune eh? Sounds good to me!

Have a great day!


Roger said...

Ron it's simple "your blessed."

Jack said...


True friends come once or twice in a lifetime. You have been blessed many times over. How very lucky. I have one friend in particular that is true to me, even though we might not communicate for a year or more (my bad). Enjoy every moment. As we age we become more aware of just how short life is and how each year goes by more quickly than the last.

Note on your earlier post. Going to the old Philly/Pennsylvania haunts is something I have wanted to do for the past 10 years. I don't know if I'll ever get back but my heart has been and will always be there. I am considerably further south than you are. Even though I am not a blogger, I am considering the possibility of attending your next blogpalooza (sp?). Lewes is about the half way point for me, been there to get to the ferry to go to the Jersey shore.

Ron said...

I am blessed Roger and I am so thankful. I take nothing for granted.

Thank you for your comment.


Ron said...


You are so right, true friends come once or twice in a lifetime. At this time I didn't expect to find another true friend but I have with Pat. Maybe it's because we're so much alike (I always wanted to meet someone much like myself, narcissist that I am) or maybe it's just because Pat is one helluva nice guy. Whatever the reason, I now have another true friend for life.

Jack, please do come to the Bloggerpalooza in April. You and another person who reads blogs are welcome. You don't have to be a blogger to attend. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at what a good group of people we have plus you'll have a lot of fun. And if you can, you should visit your old Philadelphia haunts just one more time. I am planning on doing that on my birthday on November 9th. Somethings I've always wanted to do one last time, a Last Hurrah and now that I have someone to do it with, I'm doing it!

Have a great day Jack!


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