Sunday, September 22, 2013

Wedding on the Beach

Late September, the summertime crowds are gone,  clear bright blue skies with puffy white cumulous clouds, windy cool brisk temperatures; just the time to break out of my cocoon here at Casa Tipton-Kelly and make the ten mile run down Route 1 to Rehoboth Beach.  

This is perhaps my favorite time of the year. While we permanent residents of Slower Lower appreciate our summertime visitors (and all that money they bring to our coffers) it is always nice to get our town back.  Is it ever!

So while Bill mowed the grass at Casa Tipton-Kelly, I slid into my 2010 red Subaru Forester and high tailed it down to Rehoboth for a walk on the boardwalk and maybe a photo opportunity.

Rehoboth Beach boardwalk minus the summer crowds - NICE!

It didn't take too long.  Once I parked by the Cape Henlopen Hotel (parking meters are off!), I walked up to the boardwalk and saw a gathering.  A wedding on the beach!  Very windy but that didn't daunt our wedding party.  Above is the video that I took of the bridesmaids and bride making their entrance to the beach.  I didn't stick around for the wedding, you all know how that goes.  But I did want to give you all a Slice of Life on Rehoboth Beach in the after season.  The hotel where I work in Lewes also had a wedding this weekend.  I'm happy for the bride and groom but glad I wasn't there for the festivities.  Wedding parties are a pain (sorry mom and dad of the bride).  I would just rather miss the whole shindig.

Preparations for a Wedding on the Beach - NICE!

I took a short walk down the boardwalk to Old Time photo.  I had my wedding book with me that Camilla of Old Time Photo had graciously made for me and Bill.  She hadn't seen it. I waited until the summertime crowds were gone before going in to see her.  Unfortunately she wasn't in.  I'll go again.  We have many weeks of beautiful weather in the off season.  In fact even in December and January a day pops up here and there that is in the 60's or 70's and you can bet I'm quick to take advantage my hopping in my car and zooming on down to Rehoboth.

I hope you all had a pleasant Sunday.  The weather has been absolutely gorgeous around here the past two weeks.  Life is good.  


Jack said...


Yes it is a beautiful time of the year. I live in the Virginia Beach area and this is the best time weather wise, cool at night and warm not hot during the day. Rehobeth is a beautiful place, I stayed there some time ago. Much nicer than the Jersey shore, even though I spent much of my summers there when I was younger, much younger.

Glad to see that you are again out and about. You've bounced back very quickly a good sign that your body is quick to heal. Looks like the worse is behind you.


Ron said...


I feel like the worse is behind me. I'm peeing little bits of "pepper" in my strainer which shows that at least some of the kidney stones I had are now broken up, than God.

I usually walk the length of the boardwalk (exactly a mile) but I couldn't do it tonight but I did about half which is a big improvement over the last time I was at the boardwalk. Pretty soon I'll be back to my normal self.

Thanks for your comments Jack. Always appreciated.


pat888 said...


What a great carefree day for you compared to your most recent experiences. Life is worth living. I'm glad you were out enjoying yourself - I would have appreciated that too. A beautiful sky, warm sun, and a breeze. Aahh. So good. Very glad for you.


Ron said...


Today was a wonderful, carefree day. Life is getting back to normal.


anne marie in philly said...

good to see the "old ron" back in action! a nice day for a beach wedding too!

Ur-spo said...

life is good; weddings on the beach sounds a lot of fuss.

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