Friday, September 27, 2013

Lost in Space

Tipton Family Reunion 1994

Ever put something in a "safe place", just to make sure you knew where it was at, and then when it came time to get it you don't remember where you put it?  Yes folks, that's where I am at now.  SOOOO frustrating.

See that "Welcome - Tipton Family Reunion" banner in the photo above?  I can't find it!  Yep, after the last reunion in 2011 I brought it back here to the house and put it in a "safe place" and now I CAN'T FIND IT.  

I have a hunch it is in my junk Basement Memorabilia Room.  You know, that room where I put all the unopened boxes from our move from our home in Pennsylvania in 2006 to here.  Yes folks, that was SEVEN years ago.  That's nothing, when we moved from Philadelphia to our new home in the woods outside of Downingtown, PA I stored unopened boxes in the storage space over the garage and didn't open them for the 25 years we lived there. And yes, I am embarrassed to admit that. 

The scene in my basement storage room this morning

One of Bill's favorite things to do when we have new visitors to our house here is to show them our basement room and "Ronnie's stuff" hoping he will embarrass me into finally cleaning it out.  

Unopen boxes - I'm so embarrassed

Well folks, I am determined to find this banner.  I KNOW it is somewhere deep in the trenches boxes  in that basement storage room.  And before I leave, I have to give kudos to my new BF Pat (he from Toronto) who is a minimalist.  While I'll never go as far as he has gone with getting rid of things, he is having a VERY POSITIVE influence on me.  When he comes down for his next visit I want that basement room cleaned out.  Sometimes all we need to just a little inspiration.....and a new friend whose habits you admire and want to emulate. Thanks Pat!

Pat The Inspector

Now to find that banner.  


WARPed said...

Hi Ron,

I'm with Pat on this, I'm in active "jettison stuff" mode!

When I retire all I want left is a table, a chair and a bed!



nitewrit said...


Hadn't seen anything from you for a couple days. Thought you wore yourself out with that last long, long, long post the other day...or those guys on that website came and strung you up.

. Twenty-five years without opening? I'm pretty well not giving things six months anymore. If I've lived without it six month, then I don't need it. Goodbye junk!

Now that things are settling down some I'm about to hit our storage room for some more pruning. Probably keep those Scrooge McDuck comics, though.


anne marie in philly said...

in my house, spouse is the pack rat, I am the minimalist. I dare say 90% of the junk in this house is his.

good luck; make sure you leave a trail of bread crumbs so bill can find you in there! ;-b

Anonymous said...

Yup, I am divesting. Gonna borrow a friend's pickup truck one Friday evening, and fill it with the dump load, then another for Goodwill. Then probably another for the dump. Good luck on your hunt. It can't be that deep if you put it there 2 years ago, and that stuff hasn't been touched in 7!

Peace <3

Ron said...


I am so with cleaning out. I'm thinking when I'm dead I can't take anything with me so I might as well start cleaning out now. Basically all I want are my photos and old mementos like report cards and other memorabilia but "things", just how many do I need? Now is the time!


Ron said...


Yes, I did wear myself out with that long, long post of a few days ago. I just had to get that out of my system. Such mindless, casual homophobia I have to slap down whenever it confront me. That is my mission in life.

Let me know when you decide to get rid of those Scrooge McDuck comics. I have some Mary Worth comics that I can trade you for them.


Ron said...

Oh I'm the pack rat in this family Anne Marie as Bill so often reminds me. He is the minimalist. He needs very little to get by on (except me of course). I'm making progress though. This is hard!


Ron said...


I've been unloading to several thrift stores down here for a several years now but I still have a long way to go. Some "stuff" I just can't bear to part with like Christmas decorations. And we never put up a Christmas tree except a ceramic one but you never know, maybe one year we'll (me that is) will go all out and put up one big massive Christmas tree.


David Jeffreys said...

The banner is in the cedar closet. You put it there so insects would not get to it. If you find it there, I am clairvoyant! Otherwise, I am a dumb ass.

Jon said...

Wow, I can relate to this. I'm constantly putting things away and never remembering where they are. I moved three times since I've been in Texas and many of my things are still packed away. I have several storage sheds filled to the ceiling with boxes. I envy anyone who is a minimalist.

pat888 said...


What I've always found when I purge is I feel good. I do like the "less is more" phrase often associated with Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. Enjoy the experience!


Ur-spo said...

Have several garage sales and set low prices; give it all away. Think Zen !!!

Ron said...

I found the banner!!!!! It wasn't in the cedar closet (it probably should have been) but it was in a separate box. I remembered I put it in with the table clothes so I would misplace it. So what did I do? Misplace it of course. But I found it and now I'm ready for next week's Tipton Family Reunion. I am SOOOOO happy. The reunion wouldn't be the same without the banner.

Ron said...


I have lost count the number of times I've put something special in a "safe place" so I wouldn't forget it and, of course, what do I do? I forget where I put it. However, I did find the banner and have since applied the sparkle and now I'm ready for the Tipton Family Reunion next week.
By the way, I too envy anyone who is a minimalist. I will never get there but I''m going to try and do some major purging.

Ron said...


Actually, I feel good when I finally purge. I can't remember one time that I've actually missed something once I've gotten rid of it. However, I still find it very hard to get rid of things. But you are right, "less is more." I thank you Pat because you are becoming a very major influence in my life in making it so much better.

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,

Excellent advise! I don't do garage sales but I will sell on Ebay and give it away to thrift store. I don't have the time to do a garage sale.


David Jeffreys said...

Just proves that I AM a dumb ass! (Actually, I have never been clairvoyant.) So glad you found the banner anyway!

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