Sunday, August 30, 2009

Watermelon Man

Today did not seem like Sunday. It's been very quiet. Bill and I just got back from visiting our friend Bob and Jim. Their friend Kenny is visiting them from Ohio. Kenny is out of work and will probably be moving in with Bob and Jim to look for work down here in lower Sussex County, Delaware. He says he won't accept anything less than $18.00 an hour. Lots of luck Kenny, I don't even think they pay chicken pluckers $18.00 an hour.

I worked at the hotel yesterday. We had almost a full house even though showers were forecast for the weekend. Our business has picked up since the economy picked up giving consumers confidence that they could spend a few extra discretionary dollars to visit our Nantucket style east coast resort in Lewes, Delaware. We have also offered a 20% discount on the rooms rates if the guests stay two or more nights. That helped also. It was good to see Mom and Dad and the kids stop by the front desk for towels and beach chairs on their way out to the beach. It reminded me of when times were good last year and the year before when we were booked almost every weekend during the summer. It seemed like it would last forever but the recent economy downturn really took a toll on the hospitality industry as well as other businesses like the restaurants. One restaurant, La Rosa Negra, even when out of business. I know of several other restaurants that are up for sale but no takers so far. I'm back on a two night a week schedule at least until the end of the season in the middle of September, then it's back to one night a week of the Overlook Hotel.

Bill and I were going to try a new restaurant for our weekly breakfast experience away from the home front. We haven't been too pleased with the quality of food of Zorba's, the restaurant that we have been going to every weekend for some time. I suggested the new Ocean Point Grill in Lewes. As we were parking our car at about 8 am this morning we saw another car with three huge adults (they looked like hippos) with three little kids under five years old (baby hippos) and one of the adults was carrying a basket with baby. Oh no. We wouldn't be going into this restaurant. There is little that I hate more than having a meal in a restaurant next to table full of squirmy kids and especially one with a basket. That baby does not want to be in the restaurant and you can be sure that baby will let you know by its piercing cries shortly after its Moses like basket is placed on the restaurant table. If we're really lucky, the little darling will need its diaper changed. That's what happened the last time I sat at a table next to an extended family (Mom, Pop, the grandparents and an in-law or two) and they plopped a basket full of baby on their table. The all to familiar sweet sickening smell of baby poop wafted over the room and then one of the adults said "Oh, look. Megan did a do do." How cute. So, Bill and I headed for Zorba's again. At least we were comfortable but the food was still mediocre. As we were leaving we spied another family bringing a baby basket into the restaurant. We got out just in time. Go home people! Leave us alone! Didn't you see that rainbow emblem on the door as you waddled in?

On the way back from Bob and Jim's, Bill saw a produce stand in Harbeson full of watermelon. It's right across from the Allen chicken processing plant (bad mems for me of all those chickens met their Final Destination at that plant.) We stopped and got a couple of watermelons. Bill will go through those watermelons this week. I get the rinds to put in my growing compost pile out in back of my shed. We're into recycling kitchen waste in this house.

It's now time for my daily walk back in Oyster Rocks. I enjoy the quality time that my evening walk provides for me. The only problem is that if I wait too the bugs come out and bombard me. At least the mosquitoes have taken a hiatus. Haven't seen or felt them around here for a few weeks now. Thank God for small blessings. I like taking my walks solo.

The week ahead looks good. I'm working tomorrow night at the hotel. There is an Event (hotel talk for a large group of people descending on the hotel.) A cocktail party for 50 plus is scheduled for the fortunate invited few. I'm not invited but I can clean up. Then I don't go to work again until Saturday during the day. Labor Day weekend. Should be fun. I'll take the extra time this week to get caught up on my 50th class reunion invitations and booklet that I'm preparing for the reunion. I baked my favorite lemon bundt cake early this morning while the temperatures were still cool. It's not as humid as it has been for the past two weeks. Maybe I can get some yard trimming in also. The week ahead is looking good as we enter into the end of the season down here in God's Country, Sussex County, Delaware. It's all good.


  1. Are those watermelons the kind with seeds? For myself they have the best flavor, so sweet. Seedless are a distant second. We had breakfast at a new place yesterday. Food was good enough but it cost too much. We won't go back.

  2. Mike,

    Yes, those watermelons have seeds. You're right, they are the sweetest (like you.)

    What did you have for breakfast and how much did it cost? I love all that kind of information.

    Take care,


  3. Glenn had a BLT, I had an omelet with avocado, cheese, ham. Each meal was $9.85. There is a better place about two miles away and thier omelets are around $7.oo and sandwitches, hot or cold, are about the same price. We have been going there for several years.

  4. Mike,

    Yes, you guys did have a pricey breakfast. Both Bill and I together pay about $13 for our meal together. I usually get scrapple, toast, one egg and home fries. Bill gets French toast or pancakes. I give him half of my home fries (have to watch the waistline you know.) We both get coffee. We always leave a tip of $5.00 for our waitress. The food is at best mediocre but we go just to get out and to kibitz with our waitress, Erin (who Bill calls "Earring" because she wears big hoop earrings.) Zorba's is very gay friendly too which makes a difference.

    There are many gay owned restaurants in Rehoboth Beach but they are outrageously expensive. They must think all gays are rich. A lot of gays in this area are very well to do but most of them are from Washington DC. We're not part of that crowd. I have a very modest bank pension. Bill only has his Social Security payment. Those guys from DC have six figure pensions from the government (out tax dollars.) We couldn't begin to keep up with that crowd. Thus, we eat at Zorba’s. You’ll never see the DC crowd at that restaurant.

  5. Many times we will go eat at places that have a two for one offer or a $5. off coupon. Lucky for us our favorite mexican place has a "buy one meal get the second for .99cents" coupon.

  6. Mike,

    There are a lot of specials around here too, especially in the off season. Unfortunately, I don't have too many friends who can afford to eat out, even at the specials. For some reason most of my friends are of very modest means. Or else I'm rich.

  7. Ron,

    That is a nice generous tip for a $13 meal. Good for you. I always overtip some. These servers been hurt by the cut back, too. Even when we get some special deal that knocks dollars off the total, I always tip based on the full undiscounted price.


  8. Lar,

    We're usually very generous with the tip, especially if we get the same waitress each time. Our "dining out" is more of a social experience than it is a dining experience. The food is mediocre at best. I don't know where you get good food these days. Even when I ate at The Buttery, that tough pork chop wasn't worth $23. I make better meals at home.

  9. You could give the Blue Plate in Lewes a try. They have been known for their good breakfast for years

  10. Cajun,

    I absolutely would like to try the Blue Plate Diner in Lewes. I've heard good reports about it and I often recommend it to our guests who are looking for a "full" breakfast. I like to try restaurants that I recommend. Unfortunately, I could never convince Bill to go to the Blue Plate. The Blue Plate is a “family restaurant” and thus has way too many families and squalling kids for this older same sex couple. Eating breakfast at Kid Haven (babies in baskets on tables guaranteed) would be undoubtedly a very unpleasant experience. Thanks for the suggestion anyway.


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