Monday, August 10, 2009

Cemetery Trolling

This morning I engaged in one of my favorite activities, cemetery trolling. Through my membership in Find a, they sent me a request to take pictures of two graves in the Milton Cemetery in Milton, PA. Today was hot and steamy but I ventured forth anyway and search for the graves. For some reason I can’t explain, I receive a great sense of peace and tranquility when exploring a cemetery. Spring and fall are the best times to troll through cemeteries. However, I had this request today and I felt a need to fulfill it now.

Bill and I went to Milton earlier to check our friend’s lawn. He’s away for awhile and we stopped by to make sure it didn’t get too wild. While we were there I had visited awhile with his neighbor, who has an absolutely beautiful garden. Bill was mowing our friend’s lawn but had to stop because the heat was overbearing. I took him home and returned to the cemetery. Bill usually likes to go cemetery trolling with me but he couldn’t do it in this heat. I took Bill home and came back to the cemetery.

I spent about forty-five minutes in the cemetery and was about to give up when I found the two graves I was looking for way in the back. One of those graves is pictured in this blog. Mission accomplished.

When I got home I spent most of the day inside. The heat is just too overbearing. I didn’t go out until late in the day. I cleaned out the bird baths and refreshed their water. I also took my daily walk (which I’ve missed the past two days) in the development behind me. My routine may sound boring but to me it is very enjoyable and relaxing. Cemetery trolling, taking care of my bird baths, early evening walk, that’s what I call a good day.

Tomorrow I’m supposed to make the 2 ½ hour drive to Pennsylvania to attend a 50th class reunion committee meeting. I missed the last one. I may miss this one too. Showers are forecast and I don’t like to travel in rain. Last time I traveled to Pennsylvania, it was also showering. I also visit my Mom and brother. I know she misses me and I do like to visit her but I may have to take a pass on this one. I definitely cannot attend Trivia Night (another enjoyable pastime) on Wednesday night because I’m working at the hotel Thursday morning.

Bill told me again he hates living down here in Delaware. That makes me sad because I love living here. I wish he could find the peace and happiness that I find living here on the coastal shores of southern Delaware. For me it’s all good.


  1. Anonymous11:45 AM

    Hi Ron,

    You picked a very hot day to go cemetary trolling. I'm in the process of photograping the grave sites on both sides of my family. As of now neither son seems interested in the family tree but I get pleasure out of documenting it. I started after my Mom passed away & am soon having a visit with my aunt on my father's side as she has the family bible with lots of info that I need. I'm also including the cause of death just in case somewhere down the road that information might be useful. At this point I'm just doing mine & my husband's parents but when thats done I'm sure I'll go further back if possible. My Mom had 8 siblings & my Dad had 15, can you believe it? I have my work cut out for me.

    I'm sorry to hear your friends dementia is getting worse. As I've told you before I have first hand experience with that. I so wish someone could convince him to go to the dr. for Aricept. It would benefit him greatly. My Mom was 75
    when her's started & lived 13 years beyond that. She was less disoriented & things became clearer to her. As her's progressed & she became more frustrated the Dr. then prescribed a light sedative & that helped also. You have to be careful with those as he worked with me until I felt she wasn't zombie like as was the case with the initial dosage. Taking those 2 meds really improved her quality of life. It wasn't perfect of course but what is when you are facing the decline of your mind. Your friend's partner really owes it to him to do the best he can for him. I'm sure he would want the same if it was reversed.

    Well....we went to Lewes to the Tomato Tasting Festival at the Farmers Market. We were really impressed!! The festival started promptly at 8AM & the varieties were amazing as far as quantity & all the tomatoes were for sale there at the vendors & they even had a brochure with the names of the tomatoes & which booth you could purchase them from. Everyone was so friendly & it was like a weekly family reunion for the locals. Even all the dogs enjoyed socializing.

    On the way in on Rt. 9 we saw the ice cream place & planned to stop back there for dessert after lunch at The Surfing Crab. From downtown Lewes we proceeded back to the junction of RT 9 & 1 as I wasn't sure how far down the restaurant was from 9. There are not words to describe the traffic. We sat thru each light at least 3 times & traveled at a snails pace bumper to bumper. Now I know why we stay away from the beach in the summer.
    My husband asked me if the restaurant was on the east or west side & I didn't know so I told him to watch the traffic & I'd look for the restaurant. Well...when we got to the outlets in Rehobeth I lost all hope of eating there, not to mention it was now 1 1/2 hrs later & we were starved! I'm almost postitive I didn't miss seeing it & at that point my husband asked, "are you sure it's not north of the junction...light bulb OMG, is it Ron?!!? His question put me over the edge & I said cut across country we'll go home & eat. We did stop in Millsboro at the Georgia House. We've eaten at all of their restaurants & always had a great meal. The crabcake was a
    ****. So that was our Saturday. My husband is a calm guy & takes everything in stride and he saw that I got an ice cream cone in Laurel before we got home.

    Where is that Surfing Crab?!!? Detailed instructions please! We'll be going when the come heres leave.

    Take care & enjoy the rest of the week as it's suppose to be much cooler.


  2. Fran,

    The Surfing Crab restaurant is over the Nassau Winery Bridge, north on Route 1. It is only a mile below from where I live in Covington Chase, which is behind the new Church of Lewes. In addition to the wonderful food at reasonable prices, it is so close to me that I don't have to fight the Rehoboth summertime traffic. I inadvertency got caught in that mess a couple of weeks ago when my friend (the one with dementia) and I ventured into one of the outlets where our other friend worked to surprise him and wish him a happy birthday. It took us over an hour to get into the outlet! Summertime traffic, how could I forget. I'll do everything I can to avoid that traffic until after a couple of weeks past Labor Day. It just isn't worth sitting in gridlock traffic to get wherever I want to go.

    Thank you for sharing with me your experiences with dementia. This is a difficult time in our lives. I'm at my Mom's and she also has the problem but in a different way. I suspect there is no one way with the effects and results of dementia.

    I'm going to write several blogs about this trip. I also paid a visit to my old home and was very depressed to see that the new owners aren't keeping up the property. I should never have went there. I was warned. This is indeed and interesting trip but I can't wait until I return to Delaware tomorrow. It can't be soon enough.


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