Tuesday, August 04, 2009


“Hubris” is a book about the inside story of the spin, scandal, and the selling of the Iraq war written by Michael Isikoff and David Corn. It was my good luck that Mr. Isikoff was a guest in the hotel where I work. When I told Mr. Isikoff that I had a copy of his book, he generously offered to autograph my copy of his book. Never one to miss an opportunity, I called Bill and asked him to bring it o me at the hotel. Mr. Isikoff autographed my book with the message “To Ron, who has a sharp eye for the news. Best Wishes, Michael Isikoff, 8/03/09.” My book and the autographed page are pictured on this blog. Needless to say I was very honored and happy that Mr. Isikoff took time to autograph my book.

Even better, he stayed a while and we discussed the run-up to the Iraq war and how the news media failed to ring the alarm. I mentioned to him that my co-worker now has a son in Iraq which brings home the consequences of this war of choice which should never have happened. During our conversation I kept thinking I’m actually discussing the war in Iraq with a man I see on television (MSNBC mainly) frequently. I guess I’m easily impressed but I was sort of feeling out of body experience when I was having my with Mr. Isikoff.

Unfortunately, the conversation ended when another guest approached the front desk and wanted to know the “back way” to get into Rehoboth Beach. My job comes first so as I turned around to help that customer, Mr. Isikoff thanked me for reading his book and asked me to urge all of my friends to also get his book. So, do you hear that friends? BUY “Hubris” by Michael Isikoff and David Corn. It is a well written and interesting book about the “inside story of spin, scandal, and the selling of the Iraq war.” What a gracious and generous man Mr. Isikoff was to take time out of his holiday and autograph my book and spend some time talking with me. He is a kind man.

I’ve always been a political junkie, from my earliest days in high school. My 10th grade civics class with Mr. Caskey was one of my favorite classes. It was a real thrill for me yesterday to meet Mr. Isikoff and to talk with someone as knowledgeable as he was on the war in Iraq. Just one more reason I'm happy with where I am at in life now, living in southern Delaware, working at a nice hotel and meeting wonderful people like Mr. Isikoff. Just another day for me to be thankful.


  1. My brother in law (republican) has a birthday coming in Oct. I think I will get him this nice gift to read.

  2. Mike,

    Your (republican) brother will LOVE this book. He probably needs to be straightened out anyway as to the lies that ran us up to this war of choice.


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