Sunday, August 09, 2009

Musings on a Hot and Humid August Sunday

The oppressive heat and the humidity continues heavy in the air on this August Sunday in lower Delaware, bringing outside activity to a halt. I would love to take my daily walk but I know when I return I will be drenched in sweat. I’ve already taken one shower today. I don’t feel a need to increase Tidewater’s (our local water supply company) profits anymore than I have already this summer.

Bill and I took a ride up to Milton this morning. I was out of strawberries for my breakfast of corn chex cereal. I decided to swing on my Pepper’s Nursery. Not much activity going on their either. I purchased a large flowered pot to transplant my poinsettia flower which I’ve been coddling along in a succession of ever bigger pots since I purchased it as a $1.29 orphan this past Christmas. By Christmastime this year I should have a monster poinsettia to celebrate brighten up my sun room on the cold days of winter, which will surely come.

Mr. Pepper had an obituary and a picture of his longtime faithful companion Rocky (a Bernese Mountain dog big as a person) by his cash register. I had noticed that his big friendly dog was no longer around but I was reluctant to ask why. The obituary said his friend and longtime companion died at 18 years old on June 18th. Mr. Pepper told me that Rocky was born on the floor only a few feet from where I was standing. He said Rocky always enjoyed meeting customers in the store and thought he worked there. I told Mr. Pepper that Rocky probably thought the store was his home and all these people were coming to visit him. I asked Mr. Pepper if he was going to get another dog and he said “No.” He said that he could never replace Rocky. He also said that he still gets emotional when he talks about Rocky and that he would never get over the loss of his friend.

Bill and I have had a total of five dogs over the years. They were all Pomeranian. They’re all gone now and I doubt if we’ll ever get another one. I see the dogs up for adoption from the local SPCA chapter in the local newspaper all the time. I would love to rescue one of these loving critters but I doubt if I ever would again. We both feel the same way; we could never replace our longtime friends

An old and longtime friend of mine who lives near Pittsburgh recently lost his much loved Sheltie. He and his wife went a while without a dog. However, after a short time they decided their home was no longer a home without the welcoming presence of a canine friend. He got another Sheltie, a beauty called Barbara Jean. In fact, he liked her so much he and his wife also adopted Barbara Jean’s half brother, Andy. They now have a happy and living home again. That is one approach. It has been proven in many studies that having a pet increases our long term health. However, I don't know if we're ready take that big step again.

Many times when I post a blog like this I don’t know what subject I’m going to write about. I just start and let my mind take me to where it wants to go. On this muggy August day this is where it went, a remembrance of the special relationship that some of us are privileged to have with our canine friends.

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