Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Search

Since I was so stupid last night not to engage in conversation the angel who was standing right next to me, I'm now extending a search for this heavenly body who appeared out of nowhere last night on my evening cruise down the Rehoboth-Lewes Canal in Lewes.

I've posted an enhanced picture I took of him. A friend of mine told me that the wording on his T-shirt is Armenian so he could be an Armenian. I know he is of Eastern European stock because of his features and the features of the group of men he was with on the cruise last night. I also know he probably wasn't Russian because, although I couldn't understand what they were talking about, their accent didn't sound Russian which to me has a lot of the "sh" sound.

I'm hoping he is a waiter in the Rehoboth Beach/Lewes area. Believe me, once I find out where he works you can bet I'll know what to say the next time I encounter him, should I be so fortunate. I think I'm going down the There's No Fool Like and Old Fool Route, but it's worth a try. We only go round once in this life. This guy is stirring feelings in me that I thought were long gone. Maybe I ain't dead yet.


  1. You only get one chance to make a first impression. Here in Hollywood we always say "Hello, where are you from?

  2. Sorry, I've never seen him before. He doesn't work at DL and I've not seen him around town. He may work in Lewes or Dewey.

    In any event, they all begin their homeward journey in the next week or two. Some will remain until October.

  3. I missed my first chance. Thanks for the opening line. I should have known. I was tongue tied, which is very unusual for me.

  4. Cajun,
    Thanks. I think I missed my opportunity. Dumb, dumb, dumb.


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