Friday, August 14, 2009

Evening Cruise

My co-worker Monica at the hotel where I work gave me a two complimentary tickets for a cruise on the Rehoboth-Lewes Canal. For the past two and a half years I've worked at a hotel on the canal and often seen boats full of happy folk cruise up and down the canal. I assumed they went from one end of the canal to the other. Little did I know they actually went out to the ocean for a two hour cruise and went dolphin watching. So I decided to take advantage of this bonus and invite my good friend Bob along for the ride.

The cruise began at 7:00 pm. First we went for dinner at the new Wharf restaurant. I always like to dine at least once at the restaurants nearby where I work because I am often asked to recommend restaurants. Last year the restaurant on this location was the Lighthouse Restaurant and it had a terrible reputation. Dinner tonight at the new restaurant was alright but, like almost all restaurants in the Lewes and Rehoboth area, overpriced. My friend got fish and chips and I ordered a Caesar salad. With ice tea for both of us, our bill came to $28.00, before the tip. That's too much. But I won't dwell on this negative aspect of the evening because the rest of the evening turned out spectacularly well.

Our boat pulled out of the dock at precisely 7 pm. It was loaded with folks. There were a lot of families with screaming kids. One little blond haired girl was a particularly loud and consistent screamer. Bob and I were seated on the right side of the boat. I had to get away from this screaming kid because my head was going to split. What a fortuitous move that was.

At the bow of the boat I saw the most handsome young man I have laid my eyes on since I moved to Delaware. He simply took my breath away. I could not take my eyes off of him. He had Oriental eyes but was not Oriental. He had the flat Slavic forehead of a Russian or other nationality from that region of the world. I soon notice by their language that there was a group of them (Russians) on the boat. I took some surreptitious pictures of him. I kept looking at him but I didn't want to think I was cruising him. All the years I've been cruising in gay bars, I'm still shy about getting someone's attention. And besides, what would I do if he returned my looks?

Then the unimaginable happened. He saw me looking at him and moved to stand next to me! I was paralyzed. What would I do now? He was standing right next to me! So of course I turned away and started to take pictures of the canal bank, the lighthouse in the bay; anything so he wouldn't know that I was looking at him.

I moved to the side of the boat to take pictures. I turned around and he was right behind me! What was I supposed to do? Turn around and ask "Do you come here often?" No, of course not. I didn't know what to say to him or if I should say anything at all. And besides, he was with his extended Russian group of friends. I saw a couple of babies with oriental eyes. Maybe one of them was his. So I continued to stand next to him without looking, waiting for him to turn away from me so I could get a good picture of him. Finally I moved from the side of the boat to the steps. He moved into my position and turned to face me. He was only one to two feet from me now! I could reach out my hand and touch his face, chest, arms. I haven't been this petrified since I first laid eyes on George Vishensky over 35 years ago and he turned around and looked right at me. His nationality was Polish. We had a very intense affair short term affair. It was one of the two most intense sexual attractions I've ever had in my lifetime. This guy tonight was making me shake in the knees just like George. I don't usually get turned on but when I do, watch out.

So here this extraordinarily handsome man of Eastern European extraction was giving me the the opportunity to meet him and I could not do anything. I has absolutely stupefied. He stood facing me for about fifteen minutes, although it seemed a lot longer. Finally he turned around to the water, obviously giving up on me once he realized that I was a total retard as far as cruising. I again took the the opportunity to take more pictures of him.

I took a picture of him and his group of friends, babies included. The captain of the ship was taking a picture so I took the opportunity to take a picture too, hoping they wouldn't notice. I think they did but they didn't say anything.

After we pulled into the dock and debarked boat, I saw him carrying a bassinet with a baby in it. I'm hoping that was his brother's baby and not his. I'm now convinced that he became aware that I was looking at him and was giving me the opportunity to talk to him. I was so afraid I would do a Jackie Gleason and say "humma, hum, hum, hum." Of course as is the case, after I got in my car and discussed this situation with my friend Bob I thought of all kinds of things to say. I could have said "What country are you from?" Or I could have asked "Is this the first time you have taken this cruise?" Maybe if I was really bold I could have said "You are the most extraordinarily sexually attractive man I have seen in years." Yeah, I could have said that. But I didn't. I could have even given him my card but wouldn't you know it I didn't have any with me. One thing is for sure, I will never forget his face.

I thought that my sexual libido had went into remission with the onset of my advanced years. Apparently this is not the case. I just haven't had the right stimulation. Tonight I was stimulated, big time.


  1. Ron,

    Perhaps he was Armenian. His T-shirt read Argina. Argina is a town or city in the northern part of Armenia, a former part of the Soviet Union. Armenia is a small country located just below Georgia with Turkey to its west, Azerbaijan to its east and Iran below.

    That guy might have been really interesting to talk too. Don't you know you're too old a dog to be smitten with puppy love?

  2. Lar,

    You could be right. I usually lump all those East Europeans who have that Slavic look as Russians. My boss at work married a woman from Belarus. Of course I call her Russian but he is quick to correct me.

    I am full of regrets now that I wasn't at least polite and talked to him. I'm sure he wanted to talk. I have no idea if he was gay or not but he did come over to me and stand practically shoulder to shoulder with me, looking at me right in my face. And me? Absolutely stupefied. Remember the old Jackie Gleason routine when he was tongue tied? "Hummmmmmma, hmmmmma, hmmmmm, hmmmmmma." That was me. Lar, it was one of those rare times that my mouth would not work in conjunction with my brain. I was literally dumbstruck.

    And yes, you're right again. I am WAY TOO OLD to be struck by puppy love. This guy literally knocked me off my feet. I'm still quivering.

  3. You are never too old for PUPPY LOVE. It shows that you are young at heart.

  4. Mike you are a sweetheart! I'm going on the dolphin watch cruise Wednesday morning. Maybe, just maybe I'll get a second chance. BTW, Bill and I have an open relationship. Always have since we first got together. That's probably the main reason we're still together after 45 years. I'm not saying our arrangement works for everyone but it works for us. We make our own rules.


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