Wednesday, June 20, 2018

On This Day, June 18, 2014

Time for a happy post. 

This is another one of my video productions of a compilation of old photos and videos. These photos and videos were taken June 18, 2014 when Pat visited me and his newly purchased lot.

We also visited my longtime friend (since high school), Ed Cage of Elverson, PA and Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

I was unsure what kind of music to add to this video because there is sadness involved. Ed died of liver cancer six months after the photos were taken. I didn't know how sick Ed was. He didn't tell us. I didn't know it at the time but that was the last meal we had. Ed's last words to me were "That was nice", referring to the dinner. 

The other sad story was of the man who is in the photo with Pat (two photos).  I won't mention his name out of respect for his family. That man was very kind to Pat. His son mowed the grass on Pat's lot that he had purchased in the development he lived in.  That man died three years later. He was shot and killed in a domestic dispute. So sad. 

The original music added to the video was slow and sad. I decided to add more upbeat music.  Especially since Pat is such a happy guy. 

Life goes on.


pat888 said...

Hey Ron - I'll never forget that man in the Sunland Ranch neighbourhood. He and his son not only cut my grass for a very reasonable price - he opened up the doors of his house for me to stay if I was coming down for a few days. A very sad loss. Sad, too, about Ed. Never got to know him much but really enjoyed his company. Seems I'm just pointing out the sad stuff on this Happy Posting. Ah yes - there's the smiling me.


Ron said...

I liked that man in the Sunland Ranch neighborhood. He was very hospitable to us. Remember that summer afternoon when he invited us into his house. So strange to think that in that same house such a tragedy occurred.
I wish you could have met Ed when he was well. I always liked Ed. I didn't like his cheapskate, sometimes selfish ways but overall I liked him. The original music of that video was too sad. I changed it to a more upbeat mood.

Ron said...

By the way Pat, notice that whenever I post a video or blog about you the comments drop off? Interesting. Doesn't matter. I don't write my blog to win a popularity contest or to seek approval for the way I live my life. I write as a form of therapy and pleasure. I always enjoy seeing these videos and photos of you and I together. Makes me feel good. Although I'm sure some who read my blog disapprove.

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