Monday, June 11, 2018

Twenty-Five Questions

Hey folks! I'm going to give you a break from my recent stream of videos. I haven't done one of these "Question and Answer" posts for awhile. These questions I stole from my good blogger friend Jon.  Read and be amazed!

1. Have you ever had chicken pox?

No, but I had the mumps. Is that the same thing?
2. Have you ever shopped in Home Depot?

Yes I have. Also Loew's, Lumber 94, Dicks, and BJ's. Name a store I haven't shopped in.
3. Have you ever spied on your neighbors?

Absolutely. In our previous life in Pennsylvania we had homophobic neighbors always plotting against us. We had to stay one step ahead of them. We did.

4. Have you ever ridden in a limo?

The only limo I ever rode in was the one for my father's funeral. He died on a hot August day in 2010. I made the arrangements for the funeral and opted to go whole hog and use the limo for the immediate family (me, my Mother and two brothers). Wasn't so luxurious though because they neglected to turn on the air conditioning. We arrived at the cemetery looking and feeling like we just spent 20 minutes in a steam room. So much for "luxurious" transportation. At my Mother's funeral, we used our own cars. 
5. Have you ever had a pet fish?

Yes. Both in house and ponds that I built. At our former home in Pennsylvania I had three ponds that were full of gold fish that propagated themselves and always wintered over. Of course when we sold our house the new owners neglected the ponds. Two years later we visited our former home after the new owners defaulted on their mortgage and walked away from our one beautiful home and grounds. I checked the ponds and much to my surprise there were still fish surviving in those ponds even though the ponds were full of debris that had not been cleaned out for two years. The new owners, of course, have filled in the ponds. I would love to have a pond where I live in Delaware now but I cannot, too many cranes that would eat my fish. I even had a crane clean out my pond in Pennsylvania. I restocked the pond and put in large flat stones for the fish to hide.  Here it would be fruitless because these cranes are too numerous.

6. Have you ever lied about your age?

No. Never once. Why? I am what I am, 77 years old this November and looking every day of my 77 years.  Lucky for me I'm attracted too older men. Bill will be 90 in September and Pat will be 70 in December. And I am having the best time of my life sexually.  Much better than I ever had when I was young and in my so-called "prime."

7. Have you ever fired a gun?

Yes. When I was in the Army. Basic training and once a year to qualify on the range. I failed to qualify in basic training but they passed me anyway because my "weapon" we weren't allowed to call it a "gun", malfunctioned. I passed the yearly qualifications after basic training. I haven't fired a gun since then now do I own a gun. And I won't own a gun. I don't want to take a chance on an accident or someone stealing my gun and shooting me with it. And I'm not a hunter. When my father died, my Mother told me and my brothers we could have his guns.  He had a gun cabinet full of them. None of us wanted them. She gave then to the son of his hunting buddy. Neither me nor my brother were or are hunters. And we don't feel the need to possess gun in our private life

8. Have you ever been ice skating?
Yes. What a laugh! I tried once Christmas Day 1958. All I succeeded in doing was skating on my ankles.

9. Have you ever played golf?

Yes. Another laugh! I don't "get" golfing. I tried Chip and Put a few times back in 1964 with co-workers. That was sort of fun but nothing I would go out of my way for. Back in my teenage days of dating girls I sort of enjoyed miniature golf but again, nothing I would go out of my way to do.

10. Have you ever hidden on Halloween because you had no candy for trick or treaters?

Not "hidden" but didn't turn on the outside lights which is the signal that you're playing the Trick or Treat game. A few times we have entertained trick or treaters but were turned off when grown kids we didn't even know came to our door wanting to load up on free goodies. Halloween is for kids. I used to go trick or treating when I was a kid and I enjoyed it but not now as an adult

11. Have you ever made a prank call?

I'm not sure but I think I did when I was a teenage with my friend Larry. Only a few. Stupid stuff teenagers do. I don't like prank calls now. I've heard Howard Stern's show do it a lot and really got turned off. People are just trying to do their business and you have these as swipes with nothing better to do than to screw around with them for a few cheap laughs. One of many reasons I stopped listening to the Howard Stern show on radio,

12. Have you ever gotten a tattoo?

No. Almost did once, when I was in the Army. It was "the thing" to do but I chickened out at the last moment. The tattoo I was going to get was a little bird right on the right side of my left ankle. No reason for the bird but the placement was so it wouldn't be so noticeable. I'm glad I didn't get that tattoo though or any tattoo.  I see all these tattoos today and wonder why?  I never seen any that I felt made the person wearing it more attractive. But then, maybe I'm missing something now that I'm an official Old Fogey.

13. Have you ever had a massage?

Yes. And informal one from a gay guy teacher massage therapist that I met through a gay newspaper classified ad. It was my very first massage and I LOVED it.  And of course I had a "happy ending". I've had several massages since then from you know who (read previous blog posts).  Never paid for a massage and would never have a massage by a woman. Not that I have anything against women but it would give me the chills to have a woman's hands on me. Sorry gals. Nothing personal.

14. Have you ever locked your keys in the car?

No, thank goodness. I've been lucky!
15. Have you ever ridden a horse?

No. Wish I had. Maybe I will in the future. Maybe next year's trip to California. I hear they have horses a plenty in California.

16. Have you ever been to the circus?

Yes. When I was nine years old we had a school trip to Philadelphia to see Barnum and Bailey's three ring circus. I was suitably impressed. Perfect age to see a circus. Wish I had taken pictures but this was before I had a camera. I got my first camera three years later at Christmas and have been taking pictures ever since, with some significant lapses.
17. Have you ever been to Europe?

No. Again, wish I had. Still on my bucket list. If I win on one of my lottery scratch off tickets Pat said he would go with me, even though he has no desire to visit Europe. I would like to visit the Midlands of England is where my ancestors came from, both sides of my family tree.

Have you ever built a fire?

No. Have absolutely no interest in doing so. However I was caught playing with matches when I was young and stupid. Thank goodness I never caused serious damage. Good thing I was caught and learned my lesson. Got a good beating.

19. Have you ever been skydiving?

No! Absolutely not. The first man I was ever with, a married man who used to visit me on Saturday mornings at my apartment in Coatesville, PA, suggested on one visit to go sky diving with him.  Absolutely not!  I just missed by a few test points from being assigned to Ft. Bragg, North Carolina when I was in the Army.  My good friend Bob McC. was assigned there and yes, had to qualify as a paratrooper.  He had to "make the jump."  I got lucky again. If I had to "make the jump" I would have probably soiled my underwear on the way down.

20. Have you ever bought something at a garage sale?

Yes. However, I'm not one of those "every Saturday morning at at garage sale." The only garage sales I've been too are some in my neighborhood. And I've gotten some good buys. My regular luggage that I travel with I bought for $5.00 a few years ago. I use it all the time when I travel. I do visit thrift stores often. Again, I've gotten many good buys.

21. Have you ever walked in on someone having sex?

No. But I did have someone walk in on me, uninvited. I uninvited him right back out of the room. I'll choose my own sexual partners, thank you. Of course this was years ago in my wild and flaming youth.

22. Have you ever faked an injury to get out of something?

No. If I wanted out of something I just said "No". I would like to get out of my HOA board membership. I won't fake an injury but I will get out, soon.

23. Have you ever been to a nude beach?

Yes. I was talked into it by a guy I met on the beach during one of my summer forays in Provincetown.  As we were lying under the hot sun in the warm sand, with our eyes covered I heard voices. I looked up and saw a group of bird watching ladies coming our way. My friend ("Tony Bellafatto", always remember his name) said "just let them go by. I covered my eyes again and continued my working on my tan. The voices got closer and closer then stopped for a minute or so. After awhile the women' voices receded into the distance. I guess they got to see two rare "birds" that day.
24. Have you ever received a speeding ticket?

No. I did receive a speed warning once. One of those speed trap towns. I went over a bridge and all of a sudden I was pulled over by a cop who looked like he was 14 years old. He asked me if I was from the area. I wasn't and I told him so. He said "Then you probably aren't aware that the speed limit drops from 35 mph to 20 mph once you go over the bridge."  Junior was very nice and only gave me a warning.

25. Have you ever run a marathon?

No. Are you kidding?  Not in this lifetime nor any future lifetimes.  God, I used to run the mile run in high school and that almost killed me.

There you are folks.  Hope you enjoyed me revealing more about myself.  More videos tomorrow!


Jon said...

Great answers to the questions, Ron. I always enjoy hearing the things you reveal about yourself. Your encounter with the bird-watching ladies at the nude beach is funny. I seriously doubt if they had any intention of only watching birds....
And I admire you for revealing your real age. I've lied about my age so often, that I have a hard time remembering what it really is!

Ron said...

I never had a compunction to lie or not reveal my age. Just never had. Don't know why. I like these kind of questions though. I should do more of them.

Ur-spo said...

oh that was fun reading ! I think you can skip the skydiving and horseback riding but I would heartily recommend building a fire, at least setting one to some public building.

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