Friday, June 15, 2018

Patrick 2013

Hard to believe but it's been five years since I met my travel buddy and FaceTime friend Pat.  

I've told this story before but I'll tell it briefly again for those of you new to my blog. I "met" Pat when he left a comment on my blog as I was posting a blog. That was the first time (and last) I ever got a comment on my blog while I was writing a blog.

Pat wasn't and isn't a regular blog reader or follower. He happened to see my picture testifying before the Delaware State legislature for marriage equality. He liked what he saw and researched the Internet for more information on me. That's how he happened to come across my blog.

When he left a comment on blog, I left a comment right back as I always do when someone leaves a comment. He left another comment and I left another one right back. We continued that way for a while then I asked him if he had FaceTime. He didn't know what FaceTime was.  I told him and since he had an Apply computer we connected through FaceTime.

For a week or so we talked on FaceTime every few days. Then he told me he was retiring from his job with the Toronto Police department and would like to take a trip to see me. I said "Sure, why not?"  I've met other bloggers before this way.  Anne Marie of Philly was the first.  

Our meeting was interesting but I won't go into it right now. What I will say was it only took me a few minutes after meeting Pat in the parking lot of Hotel Blue in Lewes, that I knew he was someone special. In fact so special, he was the "friend" I've been looking for all my life.  All those years in the bars. All those summers in Provincetown.  And here he was in the parking lot of Hotel Blue.

I initially thought was the parking lot attendant going to give me grief over parking in the lot. Turns out he wasn't the parking lot attendant but the whole guy in the flesh who previously was only the talking head I communicated with via FaceTime.  

This is a short compilation of photos and a couple of videos of those August summer days in 2013 when I met Pat, my Buddy For Life.  

By the way, Pat doesn't mind me taking pictures and videos of him unlike Bill and most all of my other friends. I always wanted someone that I could photograph and video to my heart's content. And Pat's that guy.  He's a pretty nice guy too.


Moving with Mitchell said...

What a great story.

Ron said...

Pat is literally the person I was looking for all my life. We have so much in common. I joke with him that we must have been one person in a past life. We have that much in common. Part of the same original amoeba.

pat888 said...

Hey Ron - thanks for the nice video. Pretty happy moments!! Sorry you only got the two comments LOL.

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